Interviewing London anti-Trump protestors, whilst Donald Trump visits the UK. Communists and pro-EU fanatics are among the thousands who attended.

With special thanks to camera man James Bickerton:

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  1. Amazed at how these protestors when asked questions, they can not give reasons based on facts. Everything these anti Trump protestors say is based on what are say as their " impressions " of Trump but they cannot substantiate with evidence or facts to support their impressions of Trump. Then , they cannot answer simple questions by the interviewer. Shows they are irrational.

  2. Funny. Some of these protestors do not know the facts and they say things that are not factual . They are there to protest yet they open their mouths and do not know facts, they are just stating their opinions which contradict facts/truth. One lady said we can do trade deals with the world. NOT. because we dont have deals with the world because of the EU.

  3. Irrational. The lady w/ statue of liberty head piece, said Trump banned muslims but could not answer how Trump is banning muslims when Steven asked, " How is Trump banding muslims when over 90% of muslims are entering the US.?" . That lady was clueless. Shows how she says things, without knowing the full facts.

  4. Joseph Stalin under communism purposely starved to death 13 million! Ukrainians. Not including millions of his own people sent to "work camps" in Siberia never to be seen again. These people need to wake up and actually educate themselves. And Trump is the best thing to happen to America since Ronald Reagan

  5. What do these people for living? Have they ever worked or a NGO is their nest ? Apparently they have lots of free time to kill. They have nothing about communism, poor leftists. Donald Trump sweeps mess which Barack Husein Obama made.
    Try to send the fanatic bloke at 8:02 to Siberia. He would learn history not only of gulags.

  6. 9:44 – His head's not up his ass so far as to end up in the 1920s…it's MUCH further up there because if he's a Marxist, that lands him in the 1800s. According to his own damn words, he's full of shit! ffs Although, he doesn't seem to have much historical (or any) knowledge so, I guess it's not entirely his fault. Nah – just kidding. It IS his fault. There's no excuse for being THAT ignorant – especially about your own purported beliefs.

    And North Korea IS a communist dictatorship, so um, yeah…he IS holding the North Korean flag. What a dumbass! The stupid is too much. I almost feel bad that all the strong, alpha males came across the pond back in the day to create America because it's left the UK in the hands of murderous, malevolent, and envious betas like this douche who can't tell the difference between their ass and a hole in the ground. Y'all are screwed man. This is why Americans will never give up our ability to fight no matter how defenseless the retards of society think we should be. And before someone has a trigger attack, I use the word retard in the context of its actual definition …although the pejorative use is appropriate here as well.

    Sending you all good vibes. Don't stop. No more retreating. Fight back before you lose everything.

  7. When I see these older people especially the woman who doesn't even understand what a 'trade deal' is/means it's frightening. So many people are literally unthinking zombies running with the herd totally brainwashed/manipulated through politics and mainstream media into believing critical thinking equals far right, ergo bias, bigotry, racism etc. etc. etc. Then there's the complete wanabe hippy moron towards the end that thinks imperialism is alive and well and that communism will mean we would all live in harmony with democratic rights. The guy is a moron who might as well be holding a North Korean flag. Aaaaarrrgh! The only people these idiots are fighting and benefitting for is the elite, corporate and political globalists who in essence if they meet their goals would effectively become the imperialists.

  8. Am sure swampy will be at home eating out Venezuelan bins-wannabe a commy better get bow n arrow hunt cats n DOGS!!
    Not allowing mexicans pour over yurr border RACISM-30million bloody mexicans jave poured in an enormous number they are undermining national security.
    Nigel farage is a RACIST-anti immigration=racism textbook definition!retards!