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The Inateck BTSP-10 Plus is powered by double 3-watt precision-tuned drivers, multi-band compressors and built with a high performance composite diaphragm 40 mm Rotunded 16-core NdFeB 3W magnetic driver. What’s any of that mean? We don’t know … yet … but we’re fixing to find out. While we do so (in the process of reviewing this powerhouse) join Michael Fisher as he put the BTSP-10 Plus through a first-impressions pass!

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Inateck BTSP-10 Plus: Ears-On with a Powerhouse | Pocketnow


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  1. That sounded awesome! Oh wait, could that be down to the Home theatre amp and speakers connected to my PC?
    Mr Fisher, you're a bro for sure but hahahahahaha. If there's no side by side to something normal (i.e stock phone speaker) your viewers can't know the difference between this and anything else.

  2. even through this video I can only say that I am disappointed by sound.. it sounds so metalic, like you put your phone in big metal bucket and play music that way, sure it will be loud but sound quality is simply bad..

  3. Apparently they also come in various designs. I reviewed one with a much simpler and generic design which in my opinion I prefer. The sound quality really is amazing and I use it as a replacement speaker for my laptop when its connected to an external display. Great video! I look really forward to your thoughts in the full review.

  4. Need help finding the perfect tablet for my birthday this month..I'm looking for something mid-size, fast, and no lags..I'm mostly using it for gaming apps, social media, and music..but I hate windows and I don't want and iPad do you have any suggestions??