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Inspector General Report: Investigation into Imran Awan Uncovers Dozens of Democrat Violations

The investigation into indicted Capitol Hill IT worker Imran Awan uncovers new information implicating dozens of house Democrat lawmakers who violated cyber security policies. One America’s John Hines has more on the inspector general’s report from Washington.

Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Follow George Webb on You Tube for daily updates into the corruption in our Government. He and his researchers have been investigating for almost two years. Why doesn’t OAN interview him? He knows the facts. He’s the one that found Blackberries and computers in a home owned by Imran Awan and rented by Andre Taggert. He’s reporting every day from relevant locations, not sitting behind a desk. Here’s a recent video of his. This is real reporting. Spy Ring In Congress

  2. CA Lieutenant Gov Xavier Becerra was really slick getting RID of the computer server & replacing it. He needs to be brought to justice also. I guess Pakistani’s are the only ones that have access to the Demo servers. Security never seems to protect any of their electronics from the government. Bleach bit, hammers, etc He’s in CA where they will let him cheat their asses off.

  3. And that’s exactly what happens when you wait so long to get a thieving distrustful scoundrel! Why does DC fiddle so much when criminals are so well protected? I would agree to waterboard the Awans & DWS. These people & the 40+ Dems that hired them are called “The Deep State”. Please stop them before it’s too late. It appears that Pakistan’s have more rights than we the American citizens. Please for the US’s sake find the 30,000 military that the Deep State is holding for the next civil war. DO SOMETHING
    NOW!!! Tired of the Congressional BS!!!!

  4. Almost everyone is in cahoots to destroy the country, no one cares about individual Americans as long as they enriched their pockets, the land of the free and the home of the brave ! Sell US to the terrorists left or right who cares! USA Inc.

  5. I like to know just what the fxck is being done to Mr. AG of Cailfornia? Anybody know where this piece shxt Awan is now? That fxcker better be in jail or worst living with wasserchestersauce.

  6. Oked by Hillary and Huma and Obama? Wow! Disgraceful! People need to be held accountable for their actions! From California (Not surprised !) Changed out server???? Democrats hiding more crimes? When is it going to end?

  7. Met with him before the election. Imran's a swell guy actually.

    Trumpists can bitch all they want-absolutely nothing will happen to DNC or Imran. On the other hand mueller is gonna fuck trump up

  8. Bank fraud? But not spying on Congress by the Muslim Brotherhood? Do they have to be Russians comedians before anyone cares? Where's Mueller? Is he working or sniffing Trump's underwear? When is he going to raid Stormy's house and get her underwear?

  9. How is it that even OAN fails to mention these are Pakistani Nationals. They may have gained citizenship – I don't know about that – but these people were brought here on the "lottery" for this very purpose and other treasonous plots? There's no mention of Debbie Schulz who kept Imran on payroll even after he was banned from the Hill. That this is the biggest spy ring in Congress lead by Schulz who has been selling national secrets to whoever would buy them. That this is also tied to Hillary's email sedition. That they used the cell phones and laptops issued to members of Congress (and indeed anyone it would profit to do so) configured to automatically extract classified data. And that engineered by a dirty DA and judge Imran is free for the bank fraud charges with an ankle bracelet while the rest of his family and crew escaoed to Pakistan. This scandal rivals that of Congressman Nunes investigation and the IG report out on the FBI and DOJ. This OAN report is bland pablum compared to the real story and why should it be otherwise with that wimp Rosiak being used for the piece? Get George Webb on if you actually want to do any good.

  10. This is just a half truth. Even after he was being investigated the Dems pushed to keep him in. I remember that video of Wasserman Shultz trying to intimidate the police into giving back the evidence. Why more people know the name stormy Daniels than imran arwan is really sad