iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel 4 - Google didn't see THIS coming?!

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The last time we compared products made by Apple and Google, it was iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL. At the time both were my perfect Daily Driver combo but neither was perfect. One had the most futuristic design of the year and filmed some great video, the other had more of a dated design, but the best camera of the year, and was invaluable to me because of Google Fi, which was still exclusive to Google Phones.

And then things shifted in 2018. On one hand Apple’s choice to iterate was completely uninspired and conservative, and the Google Pixel 3 was a step in the right direction from a materials perspective, and yet a huge step back when it came to design. I really wanted to love them, but I honestly ended up ignoring them most of the time.

This year the story is kind of different. These are two phones competing in the same category, with very different approaches. On one corner we have the iPhone 11 Pro, Apple’s latest and greatest, what Apple calls, Pro cameras, Pro display, Pro performance. On the other we have the Google Pixel 4, what the company simply dubs – The Google Phone, period.

Right now both these phones claim to be the best at something, but there’s really only one way to find out if they truly are. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and this is iPhone 11 Pro vs Google Pixel 4, brought to you by Surfshark.

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  1. The $200 on the iphone pro gets you better battery life, brighter HDR screen (up to 1200 nits, though 90hz is nice if you don't mind the extra drain), a third 4K-60 camera, not to mention the front also 4K-60 over 1080p, a stainless steel band which looks nice (especially ionized colors), and superior CPU and GPU plus wifi 6. Then there's the FaceID security issue google needs to fix, if they did they'd definitely have the more intuitive setup with proximity detection, even if the gestures are a wash. And you also have higher storage options if you want to pay for it on iphones. The pixel does have impressive software, just that you're paying more for the software this time around when other androids have better designs and specs.

  2. I doubt anyone is gonna actually choose between these 2 phones , a better comparison would have been Pixel Vs Galaxy S line up.
    With the current pricing and specs of the Galaxy line I honestly don't see why anyone would want a Pixel. No expandable storage, no headphone jack, no buds in the box and as for Stock Android a lot of the new Android features are already present on One UI.

  3. Like the unbiased review. Was torn between the 4xl and pro(think the bigger battery is needed in the Pixel)but ultimately have gone with the Pixel as I do actually prefer Android. iPhone great this year though (probably even a little better). Keep up the good work

  4. Seeing my S10 display everyday, the forehead on pixel 4 is too weird but still I would choose pixel 4 over phone11 because of the price, camera and being a lifelong android user (I can't imagine having to switch a different OS which I cannot customize my phone as the way I want it to look.) The only thing I wish pixel to have is a little bigger battery and I can live without ultrawide lens.

  5. No doubt iphone has more security ,, if {Google-Man} sleeping u can easy unlock the pixel and even eyes closed 🤔😐 , and if /Apple-Man/ sleeping nobody can see ur personal data ,iphone is master here 😎 4:49

  6. Fantastic video love you Dynamics clever and funny . And u agree I owned the iPhone but was to boring so went back to the note 10 plus for the customisation. But thinking to get the pixel 4xl now. I'm still torn

  7. 2:23 Actually, the iPhone 11 Pro has amazing battery life for a 3046 mAh phone.

    The 3046 mAh iPhone 11 Pro at 1125p lasted longer than the 4300 mAh Note 10+ at 1080p in Mrwhosetheboss battery test.

  8. Ok it opened with your eyes closed. Phones are personal devices nobody really uses it besides you. If you lose the phone nobody can get into it still. If you dead, well I don't think it matters if they get in or not 😂. What all the noise about? They bringing the update. It used to be baked into Android before.

  9. I felt that very very biased. Even tho iPhone is winning in basically everything except the software which is a matter of preference you decided to say well they are tied. No they are not xDDD
    Edit: The iPhone is significantly more expensive and thus significantly more impressive

  10. @9:33 That right there! Thank you so much Jaime!
    Everybody should know that.. for regular photos a "Pixel is a Pixel", the processing and color science on pixel devices are unmatched, u really have to use it in person to know that

  11. Only thing that keeps me on IOS is iMessage. When google gets it together on the messaging side I’ll be the first to switch to Android. iOS is so stale and boring but iMessage is king.