Aug.21 — Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar comments on the state of U.K. trade talks during an interview with Bloomberg TV in Toronto.

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  1. The people of Northern Ireland see Leo as a divisive leader. He could have helped the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland which in turn would have boosted his country, but no Leo tried to use the EC to split the UK and take over Northern Ireland He even told Mrs May to ignore the majority of our MPs that shows that there is no future in a United Irish Republic for most of Northern Irelands people. They will keep us out of power and continue under representing the Protestant community in the Garda, etc,

  2. all these people praising the irish prime minister.i suppose what happens next is stick on the eu side or irelands biggest trading partner the uk.ireland would collapse if the uk stopped trading with ireland.varadkar is well groomed by brussels

  3. Well he is going to look fucking stupid when there is no deal. Britain will not pay the bill, will not place a border and Eire is forced to. In retaliation Northen Ireland reduces corporation tax to next to nothing. Remember 63 percent of Irish trade is with the U.K.

    Perhaps this arrogant shit ought to revisit his options when there is self made turmoil affecting the Irish market.

  4. The Irish “Teashop”😅 is an EU poodle who revels in betraying the people of Ireland. He gives George Soros value for money by forcing mass immigration of “bone through your nose” Sub Saharan jungle bunnies along with pseudo refugee jihadist head choppers with his Ireland2040 agenda. What the sucky lipped poodle doesn’t appear to realize is that the Irish citizenry resoundingly reject his 2040 nonsense and besides the EU will be dead and buried long before then. So go and suck dick mr sucky lips Teashop. On your bike boy. Go home to your ancestors.

  5. Desperate to frustrate Brexit. He's the one building walls. Who cares what he thinks anyway. He's getting involved beyond his pay scale and is an EU lapdog. As if UK can't get other deals with countries dozzy. Concentrate on getting Irish to pay EU taxes and join and pay for an EU army. And tell them about it rather than doing it by stealth.

  6. We will get a great deal. Or WTO we go. There is a clause that we can have zero tariffs with the EU for up to ten years. Till a deal is made. This is not bullshittin, Singapore did it. I am certain that this will happen.

  7. its prime minister as far as hes concerned hes not for the irish people ..he is there for himself and those who placed him in power..we did not put him in power……..these politicians know the game and are there for themselves except for the very few..

  8. The homophobic, racist comments show the nastiness involved in Brexit. The British Empire has gone and the Brexiteers need to wake up and smell the coffee.

  9. There are homeless in every country it's not so bad in Ireland. Also the country is booming and more money is being put into the homeless issue than a couple of years ago when we were in a recession. He is head of the biggest party that was elected to the Dail (Irish Parliament) so obviously was elected and doing a great job with the Brexit negotiations.

  10. He got no say on anything ? The eu
    Tell Ireland how to vote?
    The EU trade agreement take two year ? So the EU have already over run by 6 months ?
    The EU states think the UK are stupid? England will stop funding Ireland, importing the goods that come from the EU through Ireland ? We are talking trade deficits? Your going to the poor house again?
    Staying with your communist EU is going to be the a very costly mistake for Ireland?

  11. Catch 22 if the uk dosent know what the trading deal will be with the eu and Ireland then the uk cant know how much the trade deal will be worth. result no deal brexit. WTO rules duties to be paid it works out that the eu will have to pay more to the uk than the other way around,,the uk has told uk exporters to the eu and Ireland that the duty received from the eu will be used to cover uk exporters extra cost. so the uk wont lose and its exporters to the eu and Ireland are safe..
    on the other hand irish and eu exporters to the uk will have to pay duty that the eu it self keeps .
    its been plain to see since the Lisbon treaty stich up in Ireland that the EU has taken the land of my fathers soul .
    the voters in the uk voted to take back its soul and arse and money and cant blame them..