The House of Lords, EU, Tony Blair and Tory Europhiles all want us to stay in the Customs Union. But will May concede?

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. most definately. its a stepping stone to the new world order (single world government under a dictatorship). We voted exit over 2 years ago and the wannabe dictators still have us here. The EU is also a dictatorship without voting system. we should bring back hanging for corrupt politicians.

  2. The whole of parliament is corrupt….we need to get rid of all political parties and have totally independant members of parliament. These people should have a special 7 year degree covering politics, economics, history, mathematics, life and common sense.

  3. We need somebody to act using the Treason Felony Act of 1848, which is still in force and an excerpt from it is:
    ‘to move or stir any foreigner to invade the U.K. or any other country belonging to the Sovereign’
    The punishment for this under English Law is life imprisonment.
    All those who assist in this foreign invasion going back to Malcolm Rifkind who signed the Barcelona Declaration in 1995 on behalf of the Conservatives for John Major, and Traitor May who signed the Marrakesh Political Declaration in May this very year are guilty. The subsequent PMs who have been complicit are Blair, Gordon Brown and Cameron and they should all stand trial for colluding with the EU in the implementation of the Islamisation of Europe.
    Surely May did not have the authority to sign the treaty in May following the referendum? Even if she did she knew that the main reason we voted for Brexit was to stop further invasion but this tyrant is unstoppable in her support for the EUs’ policies. She doesn’t care a damn what happens to the people of Britain and they are all guilty of betraying this country in a way that we have never seen before.

  4. We voted to leave the eussr what part of that don't the politicians understand. We were sent that expensive 9million pound leaflet by arch remainer Cameron who promised to invoke article 50 the very next day if we voted to leave the eussr. Instead he resigned like a spoilt child because he failed to get the results he wanted. The remainers need to be deselected from their positions in government. I do believe treason may tried several times to throw the election so she could walk away from the negotiations and blame Labour government for failing to take us out of the eu. But with the recent signing of the MARRAKECH DECLARATION that confirms that treason may has made a promise to the eussr to keep Britain in the eussr. If we are leaving why did they sign up to this document. Traitorous bastards in government should be lined up and one by one they should hang on the gallows.

  5. Yes, of course there is a conspiracy to keep Britain in the EU. Yes, of course Britain will remain in the EU. Yes, of course the government will fool the sheep into thinking Britain has left the EU.

  6. Just get rid of the House of Lords as they get paid about £200,000+ a year and half never come in 1/4 are asleep and the other 1/4 are possible the only Lords that do do things. BUT they are not supposed to go against the people's choice

  7. Conspiracy from the very start. Directly after the referendum to women were up fo PM. Andrea Leadsom a "leave" voter and Theresa May the "remain" voter. Skullduggery even began there when without much ado May became PM who immediately delayed invoking article 50. Since then she has made every effort to continue delaying during which time, obviously the pound and the economy went up and down. When both went up there were more problems deliberately created to delay it once again. The blame put onto the EU, but the truth is May, Hammond, the un-elected "remain" office boy Olly Robbins along with other conspirators in both houses conspired with the EU in efforts to change the democratic vote, given to the people by an elected government. May has since then capitulated on every demand made by the EU even after giving "red lines". She has sacrificed British fishermen, British waters, and the fishing industry. Now the effort to force the UK to remain in the EU is put on the Irish border to use the customs union to keep us in for years to come. Ask not if there is a conspiracy, you are seeing it happen before your very eyes.

  8. The will of the people is a lie, parliament is sovereign always. The Lords can't stop Brexit, they can only send it back and say 'think about it again.' Brexit was betrayed, before the vote, by the Brexiteers lying about everything. They had no plan, no idea of the real problems.

    The logical thing isn't to just leave, she won't get that vote past the MPs who know how bad it will be. There is the inevitable issue of the Good Friday Agreement and Northern Ireland. The Brexiteers don't have the numbers for getting May kicked out so any Tory rebellion will be a damp squib. The voters will kick them out? Who are you going to vote for? Labour? Lib-Dems? UKIP is dead at the moment. They have no chance of getting into power.

    EU free trade deals are in out interests, it's the power of a large block. Once you are outside the Customs Union you are another small country, on your own. Trade deals will be costly and difficult to negotiate, especially as we will then have none and nobody with expertise to do the negotiations. Our trade as a percentage with the EU might be shrinking but it has still grown massively. If we lose that forget UK business, the big ones will migrate onto Continental Europe to be inside the EU and Britain will be left with a massive recession.

    The overall question has always been can the Tory negotiators get a good deal, one that everyone can agree on? So far all the indications are they can't even agree a deal that the cabinet can agree on.

    In the end winning isn't everything,. Winning a pyrrhic victory that cost you many times what you are going to gain is bad for everyone. Reality is you aren't gaining anything much we could not have anyway.

  9. Of course there is and it's funded by the evil George Soros. He and the left don't care about the average man or woman, they are determined to sell Britain down the river. If we stay, or if Labour gets into power, more and more immigrants will be allowed in, to a country that cannot cope with the people we already have. Schools, hospitals and GP's are overloaded, almost to breaking point.
    Whose brilliant idea was it anyway to think that multiculturism was a good idea.? See the total devastation to places like London, Paris, Sweden, Germany where immigrants have been let in in vast numbers. Crime has sky rocketted and life has become much much worse for the natives of those cities and countries.

  10. Tony Blair the war criminal we will do a deal with you. If you commit suicide then we will vote to stay in the EU is that fair enough o and you must take that witch with you.

  11. mr mogg is saying alot but not doing anything he could bring may down .establishment does not want to change anything. because there being paid by these crooks.
    the gravy train rolls on they don't care about ordinary people. full stop.

  12. The Undemocratic parasites within the Lords, have got to go. These self serving parasites have betrayed the British in order to benefit themselves, and their pockets. The MUST be got shot of.

  13. Did you see that on the Ballot paper, “DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE THE EU, except the Customs Union. I must have miss the part on the ballot paper. May isn’t missing a chance to betray the people of this country. I cannot understand all those idiots that are going to be sent to fight ISIS, and fight for a country that is determined to betray them. They must be absolutely stupid people if they stand for that.

  14. We voted out , we need someone to get us out of the E U, our democracy is at risk our constitution is at stake and there is real anger if we are kept tied in anyway shape or form there will definitely be a rebellion and riots that will lead to civil war within our own country, why do the remainers want to be governed by a foreign country, when we have our own elected group of traitors in Parliament and the House of Lords, which I think need doing away with completely, if we stay tied to the E U in anyway, we can then do away with most of our M Ps as well because we will be governed by Brussels still so what's the point of us voting for M Ps in our country and anything on laws legislation or other rules and trade we don't have a say on , so our MPs get nice fat salaries, pensions etc for basically being ruled by a beuracratic dictatorship in a foreign country.