Is the new Brexit in Italy? The EU respond to democracy in the only way they know how: trying to stop it.

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. You don't know much about politics… You ok for London to control Nothen Ireland and Scotland but thats no good for Eu to Control it as part of a union of all EU country's remembering if one is not in favor no deal would be done, the EU is more like a large volume population to drive prices down and step up quality standards, all things on sale in EU are EU certified for safety, health and contamination checks, recyclable and from a sustainable fount etc etc. if you don't know History to well UK was one of the struggling countries up to around 1970 then the northern sea petrol was found in Scottish Sea and kidnapped to fund/make a welfare system that gives free everything to anyone as long they're NOT UK/EU members, and that needs updating not a EU problem after all, Plenty lazy people that don't want to work even if given a job and are milking the social services and the people patient as you can see some are given jobs and not showing up for work for headache, not feeling to wheel or some other fantasy ideas not to work, always the same talk again and again, by the way before around 1970 Britain was in a big problem with famine and no jobs but the north sea petrol saved the country, EU is good for business as most of UK is isolated. and if you look at interest from abroad for services from the UK, South Ireland alone those more business with UK then the Briks countries all combine Brasil, Russia, India. EU is not the problem EU is the solution but foreight influences from outside EU, and miss information and a vast majority of the world wanting to get to Europe to live on welfare and handouts, foreight investors buying properties all around EU cities driving prices sky hight that the locals can't afford, we are all in trouble around EU not just in UK at the moment yes EU needs a reform and the people to be united

  2. EU PARLIEAMENT;proceed to Nuremberg trials 2018 or be arrested by eu police and brought to trial,we did not join the eu it was the economic e union,they put a legal twist your arm on it and our politicians sold us out to a foreign entity,its what modern politicians do they went along with it for years as austerity does not bother them because their salarys and benefits are high, and live on easy street off the backs of austerity debt now all they have to do is reverse the twist your arm and claim they did the best they could under the circumstances,and still get paid silly money off austerity debt slaves…true, now the new kid on the block,mogg is going to beat our heads on the anvil until its round again,then brainwash us then beat us into blockheads again and so the change agents continue same old with a twist and change laws while we watching repeat programmes on bbc …..

  3. Not Australia. Not effected by the GFM has free trade deals with many countries across the globe including the USA. Didn't need to be in a giant trading block to achieve it.

  4. Medical supplies running out? I am willing to bet someone who wants to make money would see a situation like that as a potential goldmine and we would suddenly find ourselves flooded with offers. Not that I believe we will experience shortages of that type.

  5. L'Europa in mano ad un alcolizzato, che schifo un giorno il popolo presenterà il conto di tutte le sofferenze che questa europa sta facendo sopportare a milioni di cittadini, allora li condanneremo tutti per crimini contro l'umanità con un tribunale eletto da tutti quei popoli assoggettati da questa dittatura europeista votata ad un solo Dio pagano fatto solo di finanza speculativa e multinazionali gestite da bande di delinquenti senza scrupolo, verrà quel giorno statene certi ed allora i loro colletti bianchi si tingeranno di un altro colore.

  6. it's not cool to mix people of different cultures like this, where is their common sense? Italy will have PTSD from this event for centuries and other worthy educated and good black people might face bad stuff in future. Not cool. I'm not black.

  7. Good God, where do all these trolls come from? Has YouTube become some kind of feeding ground for the uneducated? "Freedoms as they call it", "eventually it will be great for this country", "EU officials begging Britain to cancel Brexit" – does the term "delusional" occur in your dictionary?

  8. Junker is a totally disrespectful to other leaders. He gives it the old pals act by slapping them on the face, but this is more to do with him saying I'm the dominant person here. Slap that little squirt right back and harder.

  9. This is not really an accurate report from an Italian standpoint. Not everyone in Italy is happy with this right wing coalition, in fact many five star supporters are uncomfortable being in bed with one of their previously sworn enemies. It is widely predicted to ultimately fail because we Italians are historically very impatient with our governments and this one is no different. Their social welfare proposals are the stuff of fantasy and they are already rowing back on some of them as it becomes apparent that they are not really affordable. Italy needs to deal with internal corruption (and is doing so) and needs to urgently create a more favourable labour environment. The call for impeachment of the president came ONLY from Luigi Di Maio, he apologised publicly and profusely the following day. The president has the final say under the constitution and he acted in line with his constitutional obligations in order to protect the nation's financial system. Nothing more nothing less. Italy will not be the new brexit, Britain should focus in its own challenges. the British government looks like a total basket case at the moment and when you put party ahead of country you risk the cohesion of the entire united kingdom. Its very sad that this great country seems to have committed a calamitous act of self harm driven by vacuous yet articulate ideologues who couldn't be more representative of the very elite they purport to despise. Diverting peoples attention to what may or may not be happening elsewhere with selective, and ill informed reporting does not change the situation you have placed yourselves in, its nothing more than a side show. Good luck Britain, or as we say in Italy Buona fortuna! I suspect you are going to need it.

  10. Italy just talks a lot (especially Matteo Salvin, no, no, noi!) but it will of course never leaves the EU (or the Euro). The moment it leaves the EU (or the Euro), its economy will completely collapse!.