Javid ‘Increasingly Optimistic’ of Getting Brexit Deal

Sep.13 — U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid discusses the prospects for a general election and negotiations with the European Union over a Brexit deal. He talks with Bloomberg Television’s Maria Tadeo in Helsinki.

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  1. 3 YEARS ON, IT’S TIME FOR A NEW ‘INCLUSIVE’ REFERENDUM Let *ALL* UK citizens vote in a new Referendum! UK citizens living in the EU were NOT allowed to participate in that very first important referendum🙄. That Referendum was a complete stitch up and so many didn’t vote as they didn’t understand the importance of voting or where not allowed to vote! The utter BS information that was spun was astonishing😱. So many were voting blind..they just didn’t understand what it would entail or what the effect would be on the country..people are now better informed and minds have changed on both sides of the isle.
    IT’S TIME!

  2. Tory and Brexit party will end no matter if there is a deal that none wants and makes the UK a vassal state, or if there is no deal and yellow hammer scenario proofs to be right, or when article 50 is revoked and billions would have been wasted on brexit  for …. nothing. Rest in Hell brexiteers.

  3. England is going to be a a VERY POOR bargaining position for making new deals. And it takes a while to make new deals, it's not a fast process. How long will England go on without trade deals? Even for basic services? These "new deals" are going to be worse than what was before! If England had gone out with a Brexit deal, at least England would be out of the EU and still have a good deal. But NO, now look at what's going to happen. No deals, worse deals later, going weeks without any deals at all.

  4. Sajeed, that is a very smug tory grin on your boatrace mate, when Boris brings back treason mays failed EU slave treaty back it will make the tories unelectable. Boris has dropped 3% in the polls already, the Brexit party wont do a deal with you then. The tories cant be trusted and are too arrogant. R.I.P. The Conservative Party 1834 – 2019.

  5. Yeh ok Javid whatever you say, the EU aren't giving you a new deal there is a withdrawal agreement already arranged. That's it sign the deal or leave on a no deal. Personally I hope the UK leaves on a no deal it's going to be funny watching your country fall apart and Scotish independence. The main thing I'm looking forward to is the lack of food and medicine……it will cause riots.