He already answered what makes America the greatest country in the world. Here, Jeff Daniels reprises his role as ACN’s “Will McAvoy” from HBO’s “The Newsroom” to answer another question that sets him off. By Matt Negrin and Griffin Hammond.

Watch Mark and John’s real interview with Jeff Daniels: http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/videos/2016-05-09/jeff-daniels-i-see-donald-trump-as-a-manipulator

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  1. These are the types of stunt which really diminishes all.

    I am not in favor of trump. I’m just saying this is so mediocre to mock a famous scene just to impress or surprise people.

    Mah. Humanity.

  2. Will "Sellout" McAvoy… The Newsroom segment Will did about, "What makes America the Greatest country in the world", was an authentic and true masterpiece of a speech. And if you think about it that is the premise that Donald Trump campaigned on "Make America Great Again"… "We used to reach for the stars", that was the era of JFK and now Trump is being compared to men like JFK. Will you disappoint me for selling out to produce this hit-piece. How much were you paid for this? Look at what is happening Trump is the spark that starting engine which is finally bringing American back. "Buy American, Hire American" … Putting American workers first, rebuilding our infrastructure, trillions of dollars was invested so we will start building skyscrapers, roads, bridges, space force, virtually everything you asked for in that Newsroom segment you did. To see you selling out and drinking the liberal media coolaid is very disheartening, and anti-american, maybe its just money that made you do this but your opinions dont match that motivational speech you gave, perhaps that is the reason, or perhaps you had no part in that script and the inspiration you drew died somewhere in the SWAMP!

  3. Great spin off from News Room
    Reality is we are ran by the Rothschilds family. If you go right we owe Rothschilds, go left we owe Rothschilds. With POTUS45 though we will have a military so Great, we can break the Rothschilds chains for 50 years, yet we will eventually return to owing them unless we say no way, we will never pay you back with our Country.

  4. His scriptwriter missed New Zealand's women Prime Ministers.
    PS How to make America great again? It could not be more obvious: Dump Trump.
    But, America, who do you replace him with? All that political talent that you have and Trump and Clinton were the best two you could come up with? And what a dog fight that presidential campaign was. I have been following presidential elections since the time of JFK and I never saw one that focused so much on division and hatred – Trump saw something rotten in the the American character and tapped right into it. The racists, bigots and all the other sub-human nasty bastards have always been there, but with their poster boy now sitting on his fat arse in the Oval Office they have the courage to come out of their little closets. Good luck putting them back in there, America.
    Then, with his sycophants trotting along behind him – no one walks beside Trump, not even his wife – he has gone out into the world and, single-handed, turned America into a laughing stock. World leaders might be diplomatic when this clumsy buffoon comes stumbling through their doors but their contempt for him is clear for all of us out here in the world to see. It matches ours.
    Since World War 2, America's foreign policy has consisted of trying to run the world, rather than just live in it. This Trump person is trying to take that to a whole new level and the only thing that gives us, out here in that world, any hope is that the US Constitution puts a limit on the length of a Presidential term.
    Except Trump is trying to rip up the Constitution and use it for toilet paper, starting with the First Amendment, for no better reason than the Press refuse to kiss his his fat arse.
    Make America great again? You know what to do, America.

  5. "What do you miss, his tiny hands ?"
    Laughing my arse off (and I've just woken up my two Swiss-English daughters, who are now very confused, and God, I can't explain this to them yet…)
    I also miss The Newsroom.

  6. The clintons have a 60 + body count behind them, every time somebody is willing to testify against them in court they have them murdered. The clintons have been into drug trafficking since 1985, and to human trafficking especially the little children from Haiti lately, and they're into child sex pedophilia Rings known as pizzagate. And they stole the 1.7 billion dollars that was donated to the Clinton Foundation your marked for the Haitians. They just decided to keep it for themselves and put it in a bank over in the Middle East. They know they're guilty of thousands of different instances of treason against the American people, and I believe the 1.7 million was stolen as run money. Because eventually we are coming after them and be trying them for treason. And at that point we must hanging by the neck until dead because we cannot waste taxpayers dollars on trash like this in prison. Wake up America let's take out the trash