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JEXODUS: Jewish Millenials are leaving the Democratic Party

JEXODUS: Jewish Millenials are leaving the Democratic Party

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. The Demoncrats are pure evil, they're anti semitic, anti American, racist and baby killers. Sadly most Jews still vote for them, please wake up, stay strong cause we stand with you

  2. Unity is what is needed at this point because hatred has consumed everything and if it's Let It Grow it will infect everything in its path. If the diplomacy is not working something else has to be done because hate is the thorn in everyone's heal in this cyclone of Chaos and anybody who participate in the hateful rhetoric it's just fueling the fire!

  3. The problem is there are too many nominal (ethnic only) Jews who do not practice their religion any longer. Much like a lot of leftist Catholics, they are Democrats first and believers second.

  4. Which people were behind the Bolshevik Revolution that massacred over 60M? Hint: Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and "kin". Read All About It. Believe me, better they stay with the Dems.

  5. The Democrats LOST BIG TIME with their Muslims!! America is a Christian nation. Democrats forgot that one HUGE fact when they let these bigots take an oath on the Koran.
    Peaceful religion Islam and Tolerant left together prove they are the biggest rascists, bigots, and haters in America.

  6. The Jewish People Deserves better Leaders than Democrats. They are the Enemies within our Borders and Government. Stand up fellow Americans from the Jewish community’s and speak up loudly so every Democrat can hear you. NO MORE DEMOCRATS IN MY LIFE BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT IN MINE! Vote Republican! Always.

  7. Before Jeremy Corbyn took over the British Labour Party,they had 65% of the British Jewish vote.Now thanks to his and his followers rampant Anti-Semitism it is now 5%.
    As a Conservative supporter I would like to thank him for removing the veil of ignorance from my country man and women to reveal to them the true feelings of Corbyn and his followers,and the fact of that at the heart of Socialism is Anti-Semitism.

  8. Omar only says that about the jewish people because the muslims think that way. The muslim religion is 100% tied with the government through sharia law and that is why their religion is incompatible with being a US citizen in accordance with the separation of church and state. Renounce Sharia law or leave the country.

  9. Demoncrats has become anti Jewish, anti Christian, anti family, anti moral, a generation killer party. Demoncrats is a dangerous party that would destroy America.. That’s the real truth..