The president thanks rapper Kanye West for once again supporting the trump administration, in the face of leftist attacks. One America’s Luke Glaze has more on Kanye’s latest interview to go viral.

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  1. I love how Kanye has never made a song that endorsed a violent or negative image of black people, and in fact called it out. yet somehow he's the one that everybody in the media hates. Coincidence? I think not.

  2. Liberals can't bully me either. They didn't when I was a kid when I had questions for them they couldn't or wouldn't answer, they can't now. They're failures and have made this country worse and they're embedded out there still and making it worse still.

  3. Black are not allowed to have an opinion, if you do they will ridicule you and run you out of town. Even Kanye after all the money he has helped these guys make is afraid and is stressed to make a stand. The plantation owners northern and southern Democrats have not changed in a 400 years.

  4. I gained respect for Kanye for speaking his truth. When someone comes out as trans there labeled a hero for being there true self. Kanye speak his mind and shares his true feeling and he's labeled a mix of negative things. How can anyone in there right mind not see the hypocrisy with the left? Oh yes it's cause there Brain dead zombies.

  5. Great guy! My daughter loves Kanye and always told me that he is a free thinker and she was 100% right. He is a true American who loves his country and would do anything to make it a better place. I will be buying all of his music from now on and may even attend a few concerts. He IS the voice of a generation!

  6. What Kimmel did during that "interview" was fucked up. He was so disrespectful to Kanye and his wife. Kimmel was constantly trying to pressure him into a political debate that Kanye wasn't expecting. I'd like to think Kanye handled it very professionally since Kimmel tried to make him seem uneducated. And this is coming from a guy who used his child to push some BS political agenda. Makes me sick.