Team USA’s Kerri Strug became a national hero in 1996, not just for her gymnastics skills but her sheer determination in the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Team Event.

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  1. From what I remember, when they looked at the scores after all the teams had finished, the first vault would have actually been a high enough score to secure the gold.
    But then, that was partly because the last Russian gymnast on the floor wasn’t able to hear her music over the noise the crowd made as Strug was carried out.

  2. This is just so saddening, a young girl who sacrificed her career and health for the greed of a nation which was just bitter it couldn't beat communists. My heart aches for this girl

  3. This is not the way this happened. Her team was not very happy that she decided to do a second vault and they felt she did it only for herself. It was great gymnastics, but the way it’s been reported is not correct.

  4. You don't even need to snap a ligament to put your foot out of commission. Mad respect, I had my foot overextend when a heavy tire fell on it and it didn't hurt at first but I couldn't move it for a week so I can't imagine the pain of completely tearing two.