May.08 — KRA Group founder and CEO Karim Raslan weighs in on the election campaign in Malaysia. He speaks with Haslinda Amin on “Bloomberg Markets.”

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  1. What a load of rubbish. In the name of democracy the media can say anything they like n we the people is suppose to agree eith such utter rubbish. They poisoned the minds of the semi retarded citizens who cant think for themselves n destroys the very freedom they supposed to be fighting for. WAKE UP PEOPLE the whole world is one bigs screwed up!!! The UN, IMF, FOREX, BANKING SYSTEM n the list goes on n not to forget the biggest screwed up is the media who dished out poison mind pills to the already mentally retarded citizens of the world. The truth is out there for now thanks to the internet . Try search for these videos n hear what these people have to say : JOHN PILGER/DAVID ICKE/EUSTACE MULLINS/G.W. GRIFFITH/ROBERT WELCH. Listen to what some of these people have to say about the world we live in before u start agreeing with SOB's like RASLAN. I would like to apologise if I offended anyone but my hope is that u keep an open mind n seek for the truth while it is still out there.

  2. Dr. Mahathir has been given a second chance at the helm to right past wrongs, push the reset button on the corruption and erosion on democracy in Malaysia. Lol, he said Najib is very big in the Trust deficit department! Understatement of the year…

  3. Incredibly, Karim Raslan has somehow managed to remain true to his essentially honest core, despite his penchant for hobnobbing with what I regard as the overprivileged scum of the earth. Afraid the same cannot be said about Arul Kanda.

  4. As much as I like his frank and insightful points, I must stress out that whatever he say is and was about the things that he wants to see from any PM or government in power – Liberalism, be it religion and facial policy, and secondly the press freedom – so whatever he's going to say or said in the past are and were mainly due to this. He's infantuated with Jokowi because his liberalism on the policy pertaining to religion and freedom of anything that seems to be brought by Jokowi. So on that front, his points will be skewed to the side of what he wants first and foremost, the liberalism of anything, and the freedom of press. The rest of it just to emphasize and strengthen the importance of these two.