Jeremy Corbyn now wants to keep us in the custom’s union. This is a betrayal.

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. If the Labour Party choose to support any 2nd EU referendum, in any scenario, they will be committing political suicide. Remember, 45% of labour voters voted for brexit. Puts them in a negative position in any future general election. However, they probably will choose to ignore the 45% & support a 2nd referendum, this, mainly due to infiltration by far left & minority groups. The traditional working class labour voter has lost the appetite to support labour, thus, Labour will probably end up like the Labour Party in Scotland…..dead.

  2. A well explained report with a good analysis reasoned

    Labour's Brexit betrayal
    Leave customs union second referendum
    No clear position
    Emily Thornberry stay inside a 'new' customs union but would prevent free trade agreements
    Norway outside customs union – own trading terms
    Removing tariffs on imported goods, clothes, foods, footwear

    Second referendum – backstab for Leave voters, betrayal on British voters.

    All the more reason for Conservatives to deliver Brexit and mean it, characters such Rees Mogg will keep up the pressure for such a delivery Johnson, UKIP, Farage, Gove, Leadsom will also keep up pressure on May no doubt for this.

  3. Labour will be responsible for the anarchy and civil unrest as well as permanently dividing this country. The police and courts will not be able to handle convictions and any convictions that are processed, there won't be the space in our few overstretched and antiquated prisons. Cheat and manipulate the so far silent majority at your peril traitors!

  4. At the last PMQ's a conservative MP shouted at Corbyn nice red tie! It was a dig at his ties to Marxism and communism, and this time he's wearing a new tie just goes to show type of man he is… a weak man not fit to lead our nation.

  5. Wales labour heartland but can see them lose a lot of seats here in Wales now. We voted leave. Leave we must do. I will never vote labour again having voted labour all my life. Lost Scotland. Now I think wales will turn there back on labour. Corbyn you traitor.

  6. For the many many more migrants and immigrants
    Not for the few the few million British people who want freedom
    World trade
    Less migrants
    More houses for British people
    Less grooming gangs
    Less rapes
    More laws on migrants and immigrants who break the law so that we can send them back to their own countries.
    Labour are not for the British taxpayers not for the working class and definitely not for the poor.
    Labour will never ever get my vote ever again whilst I live.
    Corbyn the betrayer is not for the English England is doomed.

  7. Now more than ever is the moment for a new, positive, progressive and forward thinking Political party for the British people. One that is not scared to discuss immigration, one that is united and puts the people first. One that embraces independence, and is excited by it. The existing parties have more than demonstrated that they are bought and paid for by the corporate sectors. Politics has failed, and it's time for a political revolution. Online opinion polls, online voting, REAL engagement by the people, mature, adult discussion and debate by intelligent thinking citizens. This career minded, stuffy, out dated, ignorant, fear mongering, bloodthirsty egocentric zoo must end.

  8. You need to stop waiting for Farage people, he won't do anything to help fulfil Brexit.
    Remember his words "my jobs done" right before using his new found fame to go globe trotting !

    He's left us behind to deal with it ourselves, so let's deal with it !
    Let's drag Treason May out of the government completely by picketing & locking down London till they agree to appoint a Brexiteer P.M. to get this dealt with.

    We had the old British Bulldog fight in us when we voted for Brexit, let's drag him back to see it through.

    Our children's future is on the line, & millions have died before us to keep Britain free, I don't want to be part of the generation that dropped the ball, do you !

  9. Corbyn forgets the millions of Labour voters that voted to leave the EU.
    Traitor is the nicest possible term for this idiotic man and his front bench of non entities. When has Corbyn ever put his country first. He lies about tuition fees to gain votes and stood on a mandate at the last general election to carry out the will of the people. This man ever since he has been in Parliament has been against the EU and what it stands for. This is a man who seems to predict he will be prime minister over and over again and it hasnโ€™t and wonโ€™t ever happen. I am a Labour supporter and have been for 40 years but no more while Corbyn and his idiotic front bench are still around. This will be the nail in his coffin and rightfully so.

  10. Labour about to sell out its working class voters for the final time, they should be consigned to the history books, we need a new party in this country as people have had it with the lot of them.

  11. Labour front benches are openly proud of being marxist..whats a marxist page one of marxism philosophy is the destruction of capitalist society. they want to destroy capitalism. so now you know..3rd world here we come if labour get in.