Let's go WTO!

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  1. Nigel says fight back, so he makes a new party to split the vote, that's not fighting back Nigel, you snob, calling tens of thousands of people tattooed thugs. Those thugs pushed the leave vote over the line.

  2. It’s time we got the clowns in Westminster out and replace them with people who not just believes in Brexit but in Britain and the British people and DEMOCRACY

  3. I’m a hard brexiteer but even I thought it a little sketchy cutting off the tusks full quote regarding his ‘condemning to hell’ jibes… still lets go wto on the 29th 👍

  4. Notice how much flak we receive when WTO is mentioned! That means we are over the target.
    But I thought the globalist elites was smart and would outmanoeuvre us, instead I see their stupid and simply ignore the biggest vote in our history.

  5. We must decentralise and automate our economy or we will face future tyrants who can and will trash our economy for profit. It's about time we took a good look at the blockchain and immunized our society from corruption.

  6. Before they get an extension all 27 states have to agree to it. If they agree to it the extension won't go passed the European elections so if we don't leave on the 29th of March with no deal we'll leave towards the end of may with no deal

  7. I cannot believe that this is the stage we have reached in this country, where democracy is kicked aside by traitors in parliament. How have we allowed our elected servants to dictate to the people who who pay them? It is interesting to consider that in the US, the Second Amendment provided for citizens to own guns in order to protect themselves against the government (an aspect conveniently overlooked by the anti-gun lobby). Were a similar provision to have been included in the UK constitution, we would probably not be listening May's treacherous verbiage or hearing about the latest machinations of Rudd, Hammond and their treasonous colleagues.
    "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villany."
    That was the description given to The US White House in the 1930s.
    Can you spot any similarity with Westminster today?
    Answers on a postcard please.

  8. I almost think it might be better to have Brexit betrayed – because at that point there will be no way back for the established parties and we will see millions of angry voters turning to Nigels party. We might get him for PM AND get out of the EU at the same time!