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Back in February when we were briefed by LG, the company claimed the main inspiration for the G5 was, quote unquote “to wake up our play instinct” and end the boredom surrounding smartphones lately. The era of experimentation ended in 2007, and the market is currently in desperate need for a shake up. Whether LG has achieved that goal has been a major topic for debate and controversy over the last few weeks, and it’s now time to reach our final thoughts and conclusions.

Innovation is hard to come by these days. Ever since the first iPhone launch, competitors have stopped experimenting, and focused more on simplicity. The newer surge in technology has served more to make smartphones prettier, and not really to make them more useful.

From a design standpoint, the LG G5 could easily pass as any other pretty phone, but a broader story lies within. Watch our full review to learn more.


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LG G5 Review: Disruption Starts With A First Step | Pocketnow


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  1. LG G5 is a great phone. Its definitely not for you users that are demanding the looks..you must use the function and LG is definitely brave and anti mainstream by building a modular phone. I must say great work LG. Though many didn't appreciate the fresh idea and innovation, pls don't give up. I have so much fun using cam plus, B&O's & 360 cam. Thanks for bringing fun into my life. O yea, must mention that i'm using G5se. Totally no complaint

  2. I have had this phone for about 5 months, and the only gripe I have is that the call quality is poor. I have to raise my voice and repeat all the time, because people can't hear me, with or without the case on the phone, just seems like people really have a hard time hearing me. Other than that it's a great phone.

  3. The LG G5 was a respectable flagship of 2016, it just couldn't quite compete with phones such as the S7. I am sure the G6 will be amazing, it will improve what the G5 had to offer.

  4. That's the best G5 review I've seen, thank you!
    Just a note:
    4:42 – There is a shortcut in a folder to add apps together.
    The app drawer is back if you choose to (in LG store).
    There is also a (surprise!) super brightness mode that activates when in direct sunlight. It almost doubles the 100% brightness. You can't do it manually though.

  5. 6:30: "charge the spare using the cradle that was bundled in the box". are you saying that it comes with an extra battery as well, or just the thing to charge one? cuz an extra battery in-box is an instant selling point for me.

  6. And this is why PocketNow is one of the best mobile tech review channels out there. Look at any other review for the G5 and it is just childish bitching because it did something different from Apple and Samsung. Very biased and unprofessional. Not the case here. Very well thought out and actually looks at what the phone can do. Way too many supposed tech reviewers hung up on the look of the device while missing the point that it's a phone not a fashion accessory. It's a concerning trend in this country that more and more are caring about looks more than actual substance.

  7. Thank you for the nice, objective review of the G5. I LOVE the modular design of the phone, especially making it a huge opportunity for Lucky Goldstar to bring back a good physical keyboard! That way, people will be able to use two thumbs for messaging, instead of using one thumb at a time like on an old typewriter. This is function over form, what Android is suppose to be! 🙂

  8. I seriously hope that the 120 degrees you claim, refers to a single eye field of view and not both, because if you meant both, you should probably see an eye doctor. Humans have close to 180 degrees of horizontal field of view.

  9. Great review! I was impressed that you provided features that most reviewers are skipping over. I I was ready to immediately dismiss this phone but maybe it's worth a hands on…great work!