LG V50 ThinQ and Dual Screen Hands On: The practical alternative

The LG V50 ThinQ will be the company’s first 5G enabled device… but Josh has more to highlight as a few pins on the back lead to an exciting new accessory that we wish was coming to the US.

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  1. The phone wont be available in the US or just the case? In any case, both devices should be made available in the US. If the V50 is available in the US. will it have the pins to connect the second screen? Just in case someone wanted to import it? If so, I'd definitely consider it. If not, I'll stay with my V20.

  2. For such tech gurus, I'd like to think you would know what 5g actually brings!!!!! A path to your sped up death basically…. Go research it for yourself people's!!

  3. Really! LG, why not bring it to a market where it would be easily acessable to the rest of the world? Bring the dual screen to the U.S. Market. always with the poor decisions for great products. Jezz.

  4. I always liked the V line of phones, having an extra attachment that allows a user to utilize the phone more than just a phone is a fantastic idea and would allow more versatility for creators out in the world! Come on LG bring it to the US!

  5. If VIVO made this they would provide a way to use that screen as a video monitor for full res. selfies/Vlogs via main camera, LG is pretty good at making stuff but crap at giving finishing touches and marketing…