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  1. The feminist movement is a creation of Satan. He tells every feminist, "Your as good a man as any man! Now go out there and prove it!' The feminist response to their leader, "Yea Satan, I am as good a man as any man, and I'll spend my life proving it!"

    This is why feminist are the most miserable women on the planet. Most are big, fat, and filled with self loathing.

  2. Liz that is so…so beautiful …God bless U …what a stunning , brave and intelligent young woman U are ….i pray the protection of psalm 91 from the Holy Bible over Ur life hereonward always and in all ways ….Ur soul is so pure …ur thoughts , mind and intelligence crystal clear ….i love U eternally Liz Wheeler …G.W…β™‘

  3. ummmm you should stfu on abortion .. it will be your downfall because you are doing the exact same thing that you claim the left is doing… only from the right side.. leave abortion out of the discussion and you will win.

  4. Ok, i will not hold the door, your husband can pay for the repair on the fingernails that costed him 75 bucks, then again who needs fancy expensive nails when you are snaking your own toilet out after a hard day at the refinery.

  5. Liz mam, most feminists are Hags, Whores, or dykes. Of course thats not always true. But some people like to make noise. I admire women, they go to work to help the family with income and at the same time take care of the kids in a multitude of ways they're supportive to the husband even though men can me pretty self centered, make dinner and if they're lucky have a whopping 2.5 minutes for themselves. Men come home do minimal chores and crash. Real women don't have to tell people how strong they are just do what they do and know there are men out there a lot of us that get it.

  6. My Daughter gives her Mother a birthday gift on my daughter's birthday. She also gives her Mother a tear jerking card. With things like you've always get been my moral compass, and my bestfriend. I have the best daughter ever. Love you Katie.
    My Wife gets up every morning makes me breakfast, packs my lunch and kisses me. Makes my dinner and does laundry while I watch TV or read.
    She brings me breakfast in bed on weekends. I Love this true Feminist Women. She is my everything.