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Liz Wheeler: Obamacare Implodes- Why Don't Liberals Care?

Liz Wheeler: Obamacare Implodes- Why Don't Liberals Care?

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  1. Liberals do care, they are happy. It was designed to fail – just write a law that tells the insurance companies to cover everything, and don't let them raise premiums enough to cover the cost. When they go bankrupt we will have no insurance and we will turn to the government as the insurer of last resort. They did not have enough votes to pass single-payer in 2009 but they could write a law to put us on a slippery slope toward it, and that is what they did. Welcome to 1984, Big Brother is watching us.

  2. I have a product or service that you don't want or need? No problem, government mandates you buy it or else you get taxed. Totally fair. So what else don't I want or need that you'll force me to buy under penelty of tax?

  3. It should have never passed. It's a direct violation of the 10th Amendment: all powers not specifically given to the federal government are reserved to the states.
    So, if you want universal healthcare, pass an amendment, not ignore the Constitution.