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When Microsoft announced in July that it was writing down almost the entire cost of its Nokia acquisition and laying off 7,800 employees from its phone division, many took it as a sign that the bell had finally tolled for Windows Phone. Despite a promising debut in 2010 and some very compelling offerings since, Microsoft’s mobile platform has failed to gain significant traction, peaking at just 3.4% of the global market in 2013 before plummeting to its current low of 1.7%. Microsoft’s restructuring, along with its move to port its Office productivity suite to iOS and Android, was seen by some as a tacit admission that it had lost the smartphone war – and mediocre hardware offerings like the Lumia 830 did little to change that perception.

The October launch of the Lumia 950 (and its larger sibling, the 950 XL) opened a new chapter in Microsoft’s mobile history. The Lumia 950 is a bundle of contradictions: a halo smartphone in a ho-hum chassis; a cutting-edge operating system with a still-nascent ecosystem; a product built not necessarily to sell in volume, says Microsoft, but as a kind of concession to the long-suffering Windows Phone loyalists. In other words, the Lumia 950 is unlike any smartphone that’s come before. While it probably doesn’t represent the future of Windows on phones, it’s one of the only two flagships available on the platform today. So is it worth the $600 Microsoft wants for it?

Only if you’re a fan.

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Lumia 950 Review: A Windows Phone for Windows Fans | Pocketnow


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  1. Only windows phone left on the market (that ships to me), and it is currently priced at about 100usd, so yeah price to performance it is unbeatable, and I love windows 10 phones regardless so….

  2. I just bought one. I regret it already. The hardware is great but the buttons and the plastic shell are of no quality whatsoever. The shell doesnt really fit so it makes a squeky noise when pressing the camera button. It seems the buttons can stop working after some time too. I would recommend staying away from microsoft phones. Worst quality EVER.

  3. I've been using Windows Phone since 2013,after the google catastrophe that pulled their apps from the platform,i started with a Lumia 521,it was a hell of a good phone for its price,build quality and performance, it was unparalleled for a dual core 512mb ram phone. I'll even go as far as to say it was smoking iPhone in that department with win8/8.1 . I worked my way up to a 640XL and it's not a bad phone with win10. Just needs optimized ,It was around the time of the win10 announcement that these things started dying. And Snapchat promised an app for the platform which would have topped it off for the platform. (for as sad as that is) it ended up never happening,the app gap is not as bad as it is made out to be,unless you count clones of first party apps. My final opinion on it is that there needs to be a third platform in the picture,I'm frankly tired of the same old two platforms. Windows Phone can definitely make it in the market. But it's going to take dedication and time from consumers. And until they work the bugs out.

  4. I really like this phone. Wow. I kinda like that camera ring too on the black. Very cool. I think if Windows OS had kicked off I would totally have gotten this phone. Oh well.

  5. Good to know I switched to Android. W10 apparently still retains WP's bugs: getting images stuck in tiles (no solution), lack of apps, screen unresponsiveness, no updates for most programs. It's sad, I wish the lumia 1020 wasn't just a big camera.

  6. Me and my girlfriend have Lumia's, a 635 and 735.She diesn't bother updating it to win10 and is still very pleased with it. No hassles, no problems etcI have updates mine and never had any issue with it.Very smooth transition to win10 and I find it awesome.And we often get new updates etc, so It's far from dead. in case of the store..ah well…there are alot of apps, hou won't find through the normal menu. What helped though wad reinstalling it. But still, many appd you neef to find by manually searching by letter of name. But again, I don't use a shitload of apps, just the most important ones…i Just don't bother actually, so I al very happy with the Lumia!

  7. In the UK, you can get this phone from Microsoft directly for just £249 (about $305) with a free display dock which suddenly makes this phone one of the best deals available. The equivalent iPhone costs almost 3 times as much direct from Apple.