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Maduro takes 8 tons of gold from Central Bank without permission

Maduro takes 8 tons of gold from Central Bank without permission

According to reports, the Maduro regime is selling out Venezuela’s gold reserves to ease the pressure of international sanctions. One America’s Kristian Rouz looks into the matter.

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  1. Socialists/marxists/leninists/stalinists/maoists/communists/facists [all the same corrupt far left] = corrupt self serving [like the pigs in the book 'Animal Farm']/murderous criminals.
    This is also the demonRATS and western governments in years to come! Wake up people!
    Edit: turkey another corrupt dictatorship that wants to corrupt the west by joining the eu!

  2. What the Commie lefties like Bernie won't tell you is that while they're disparaging billionaires, they're makin' themselves billionaires . . . and laughing at all the useful idiots who gave it to 'em. How many people know that Fidel Castro croaked with $900 million (just shy of 1 BILLION) in his personal bank account, or that Chavez' daughter has 4 BILLION in her personal account? Seriously? While Venezuelans eat rats (and each other), their Communist messiahs are livin' large, and the idiot tools who continue voting for them are too STOOOOOOOOOPID to realize they've shot themselves in the head while enriching the maggots at the top. This is known as Darwinian stupidity.

  3. The communist CAN'T get the oil out
    So they are taking the gold.
    Russia and China say the US WANT'S the oil but the US already has more oil than
    both of them put together we don't need the oil, BUT the people of Venezuela DO need it

  4. That gold is going into offshore accounts for Maduro & his cronies when they flee Venezuela. That country will be left devastated. This is what the Leftist Democrats & morons like Bernie Sanders & O'Crazy Eyes Chavez want to do to America!

  5. oh but but but its the US who wants to steal the venezuelan gold i'm going to laugh my ass off when Maduro boards his fancy plane in jets the hell outta the country and leave his faithful supporters behind god that look in their faces will be priceless lol

  6. FDR forced the people to sell their personal gold to the government for $15 dollars an ounce. Then the government sold it on the world market for $25 dollars an ounce.