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  1. Good point about intervening in the housing market, there is no need just change the Incentives by replacing Council Tax, Business Rates and Stamp duty with Land Value Tax which Nick Boles has advocated in the past. By taxing land value rather than buildings on it, builders are incentivised to build instead of land bank. i.e. they either use it or lose it. It will also replace the big builders with smaller ones like in the building boom of the 1930's. There is no need for government intervention just change the tax. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Land_value_tax

  2. TWO MINUTES IN….."Theresa May has had to let go one of the grown-ups in the room"……LIAM, hello Liam, sorry mate, you lost me at "grown-up in the room" describing a man who potentially(although innocent until proven guilty) could end up being a serial groper…..not my idea of a grown-up in the room.Your comment about the possible serial groper being a BIG BEAST may end up sounding pretty damned poignant.
    Maybe a grown-up should have intervened when he was way younger.

  3. SO–just as I thought ( 5 years ago) they are all TRAITORS, dismantle the BBC for a start, they have been getting EU funding by the multi millions of Euros. As they say–'He who pays the Piper, pick's the Tunes'.

  4. When he says more 🏑🏠🏑🏠🏑
    Are those 🏑🏠🏑🏠 for πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ or for more invaders?
    Do you really wanna build up more 🏑🏠🏑🏠?
    Just fly over London with Gmaps to be left horrified by that monster mega-city.
    As an outsiderπŸ‘‰ the BBC is an embarrassment like most of the rest MSM fakenews.
    thanks βœŒπŸ»πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ’–

  5. I would disagree with him about the 20 to 30 stuff. It's university indoctrinating people, I agree with him regarding land parceling it should be easier for individuals to purchase homes and we should not take any advice from teddy Roosevelt he was dreadful and caused a extension of the great depression and created many of the monopolies. We also need to get a real handle on immigration.

  6. Still waiting to hear from LBC's James O'Brien (who keeps refusing) to accept Halligan's repeated offer for an open, honest and calm debate (not slogans and finger pointing) on LBC to discuss Brexit anytime in a proper slot and a decent space — not on the phone with O'Brien's finger on the mute button.

  7. I have nothing against Butskillism and more public housing, but this dilemma is in part due to huge mass immigration. Deal with this and it will be a lot easier on taxes.