Apr.08 — Chinese investors in Malaysia will face tougher scrutiny if former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad wins back power in the upcoming election. Mahathir spoke exclusively with Bloomberg’s Haslinda Amin about what his rival Najib Razak has been doing wrong when it comes to China.

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  1. OM Mahathir, I really feel for Malaysia that you are really having a very difficult time to manage the crisis facing your country. Just like what you say, welcome China investors but not come to take over Malaysia. I am sure all Malaysians( all races irrespective Malays, Chinese, Indians and other races)will work very hard to support your policies to bring Malaysia back to normality. It is also very important for Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philipines and all Asians members to work together to achieve common objectives. From Singapore. Wish Asians all the best.

  2. Yess respect to this man . keep your country safe from that chinese invantion , singapore is one of the victims , their next targets is malaysia and indonesia , meanwhile here in indonesia our president is "china bestfriends" , irony !

  3. Mr. Mahathir is well versed and aware about the refugee crisis in Europe. He could have said about the Zionist Jews influence in American-European government for their role in the bombing compaign of so called (((war on terror))) in the Middle East and against the Muslim Ummah to create million of refugees as a result. Sadly, he knows very well if he going to insist on telling the truth, he will be slandered by the mainstream media just like (((they))) did to Muammar Gaddafi & Libya.

  4. The Hapsburg the retarded version of the Windsor: The Origins of Democracy

    The British Empire collapse because https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgHq2C12WeE just like the French Empire happened because Europe never transitioned into Feudalism and practice fiefdom of the very destructive to other civilizations and the enslaving kind. Unless they go full Empire and Nazi their decline is inevitable and it has been this way since the fall or European chivalry that is when England used mere British commoners to magna carta destroy the French nobles. This is why you Arabs be very careful about the Europeans because to them royalty is just a tool to further make ordinary white trash rich. The Europeans are nothing more than parasites. They are not like Arabs and Asian Royalty where tribal selection results in chieftain becoming Kings and Emperors when they became powerful enough the European royalty survive by Christopfucking Columbus their white trash and trick primitive third world people that are underdeveloped or outright thru military force invade and overthrow existing kingdoms just like those various kingdoms in India. England's invasion of French meant that village elders that usually emerge from hamlets, as a result meant that majority of the people are related by blood and their local knight is their representative whom they make armor and stuff so that he will become a noble lord to serve their king is gone. This English bowmen who have no loyal estate that forge armor and take care of their lords horse are nothing more than trash with only a cheap bow as a weapon. This is what the Shah of Iran was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDhGPYWfKFU&t=1123s they gain power by destroying the local order and redistribute land to their supporters most of which have relatives that are Iranians that migrated to Europe. This exodus of Muslims into Europe is meant to overthrow the juicy rich middle-east state so that this Europeans thru their migrants Iranian and Isis dogs can become investors while their dogs overthrow the local leaders and oppress the people. Thankfully due to Islam this Shah nonsense was put to a stop. That right King Salman your greatest enemy is the Shah of Iran that is hiding behind the protection of the Ayatollah and controlling them from behind the scene. This is why Iran will never be open because this Europeans are secretly behind their facade of wanting to lift Iran sanctions telling the US to scrap the Iran deal. They need the Iranians so that together with the European Isis they can overthrow the Arabs and feast on the middle-east. This Europeans don't care about their kings but only see them as a tool this is particularly what the British crown is. Those Windsor castle is useless to them except if they give it to some Indian nobles which would let them enslave the bigger prize that is this rebellious European court laborers and officials becoming rich and lords themselves in India.Aside from that this pampered Europeans want Indian royalty because Indian tribesmen work for free giving them an advantage over ordinary Brits and businesses who use money and thus maintaining their control over Britain in the process. Without the Indian's who work for free, Britain monarchy would decline like its European counterparts and William Tell would rise and the French revolution will also happen in England just like it did in Spain and other former strong European monarchies. The Shah of Iran and their European masters are not like Qaddafi who was a military person and was good at running Libya this people are parasites and will bring war and suffering to the middle-east. This is also the reason why Japan was very destructive to China, because this European Christian inbreeds and their Emperor Hirohito are nothing more than just tools for the white man to become rich while their inbreeds borne out of intermarriages between European merchants and the local southeast Asian people suppress and run the local people and government. This families do not want to share power and with the defeat of the Chinese military they suppress the other tribes and kick them out of the Chinese court.They though that China is like the rest of Southeast Asia where if you control the Emperor the rest of China will follow. The Dowager system was meant to enslave China and destroy its tribe by hijacking the bureaucratic system which they can easily do so because thru the legitimacy and help of Tibetan Buddhism and in the process completely destroy Shaolin and the other Chinese martial schools that had keep peace and stability all over China. Without Chinese Buddhism and its martial prowess where great families arose from meritocracy and community service because martial arts makes leaders interact with people and also makes the workers strong as a result the have to do their best else the people will rise China thru the help of opium eventually is slowly destroyed. Tibetan Buddhism is slavery and land distribution and ownership which in ancient China was not the practice because if your skilled noble's can just build cities where people will go and pay for the services within. Chinese movie industry has come a long way from the cheap Hong Kong movies of past and has become so elaborate all thanks to the stability of that the Chinese Communist Party bring which is very evident compared to India's movie industry. The Chinese Communist Party needs to be very careful about the middle-class because this is fiefdom of common people that have no community and responsibility and in third world countries their rise to the middle-class is due to Western money that gave them access to education while the rest of the population have none. This is how the West controls third world countries and why this countries are so incompetent. Most of the middle-class are Christians thru their via veritas vita schools and this European inbreeds extend to Asian Royalty who will do anything the West tells them and do an economic collapse. Economic collapse is how they will take over the middle-east and China although without some sort of military conflict I highly doubt the Arabs will do any economic collapse similarly in China with the Chinese Communist Party in charge. The Chinese Communist Party must not allow Nirvana style bureaucracy to come back to China where it is controlled by a single family and their people that are mostly Christian via veritas graduates, China must be like HongKong or Singapore which is run by corporation where governments jobs is to make it easier for Chinese companies and corporations to run China in behalf of the Chinese Communist Party. A Confucius style bureaucracy focus on making Singapore and Hong Kong run its neighbors must be one of the goals Chinese colleges and academia, schools are to stay out of monopoly and investment and instead earn a living by doing the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party.


  6. We are mongoloid Asians. Why are you Malaysians Muslim? They have been invading and murdering us since long time ago. Have you guys lost your mind? You Malays who go to Middle East for work are abused by the Arabs. You Malays should change your religion and welcome the Chinese.

  7. What nothing gain? .Ask Najib Gangs, Money already shallow. You anti-Chinese at all time all those day. Still, have old mentality against Chinese. China is not easy for you to handle, why to go to Japan, Japanese is a fool. that past, you borrow money From Japan, gain nothing, but only to one race gainand yourself, nothing to other.

  8. Some stupid, ignorant Malaysian Chinese still think they must be loyal to China. Cmon grow up! We are already in the 21st century and we are all Malaysians regardless of race and religion.

  9. Hope Tun stick to his words, stop all investment from China until the end of your PM time until May 2023. Absolutely zero investment from China? See what happens then? And also zero construction projects to China. Scrap the double track electrification of railway from Gemas to johor baru too. Save all the money to ensure zero ringgit will go to China. Stop allowing any Chinese tourist from coming to here too. Since Tun M hated China so much! Stop selling any rubber or Palm oil or any Malaysia products to China since the China money all come from unclean sources?

  10. Tun, please help with the many years abandoned apartment in Taman Bayu Tebrau, Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru. We've been suffering for many years. Its our first house. We can't afford to pay rental and pay the bank at the same time. We hope you will look into this matter soonest possible. Its killing us inside. Please Tun. Thank you.