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Manchester United | Emirates FA Cup | Top Ten Quarter-Final Goals

Manchester United | Emirates FA Cup | Top Ten Quarter-Final Goals

Join us as we look a head to our FA Cup quarter-final tie against Wolves on Saturday night by enjoying this collection of 10 fantastic goals from previous encounters.

Agree with our list? Let us know in the comments below which goals you would have included…

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Fresh from watching us lose to Wolves. I love it, now even losing is still ok, because there is a team there. a squad. Enough pontificating etc I just have three quick things-

    1. I love how the music is so weirdly right for each of those goals. I really would love to know what that song for the Dwight Yorke goal against Chelsea (Number 2) is.

    2. The Rashford goal is really something absolutely ridiculous. I can't remember a time when I reacted the same way three times after watching a goal.

    3. When Chicha scored his goal, I love how Van Persie was the first to get up, you could see his hand in the air willing the ball to go in. There was always something very squad about him.


  2. Lets not get overreactive just cuz we beat PSG.
    Results can be random. And being overreactive might result pressure on the players, which will cause a defeat.
    Just like when Arsenal beat us. But we will give it our all.
    Oles at the wheel.