Prime Minister’s questions 22nd March 2017. Theresa May refers to Corbyn’s campaign video where he calls on members to put the party and movement first!

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  1. Corbyn will succeed in finally making Socialism extinct which is good for every decent person in this country and also for the vast majority of decent Labour supporters and Mps

  2. What a vile sweaty fat piece of festering shit; this vile bald cunt Abbott parasite is! Corbin must have been mentally deranged to fuck, fist or sodomize this repulsive diseased fatberg. It does not bath from one week to the next and since it has become incontinent and hugely obese from gorging junk fried chicken and junk food and so addled by drugs that it’s lost control of bodily functions and is forced to wear outsize nappies with obnoxious "zoo" odour. It should immediately go back to it’s Jamaican ghetto slum where its diseased whore mother came from! Please someone….. anyone – ‘take it out’!

  3. Tell us again who was the one that ran away from head to head election debates? Yes,you called an election you thought you couldn't lose and now you're writing cheques from the bank of the magic money tree to a party made up of bigots, homophobes,climate change deniers and loyalist paramilitary apologists. Corbyn is light years ahead of her morally.

  4. faux nationalism and just pure optics and hyperbole.. "i'm doing what's right for the country". i'm about the COUNTRY. did you hear me? its not about the policies or the issues, its about the country.. you're putting all these things first, well i'm putting the country first.
    shifting the focus, pandering to the people's love of the country rather than addressing any of the questions. its sleazy, faux nationalism, just patriotism layed on thick, shielding herself with the british flag.. and she manages to weasel her way out of question time without actually saying anything!

  5. Obviously this man is not to be trusted at All.
    I remember one of my high school mates..his father was a loud communist.. Yet they lived in a very very very luxurious flat with so many rooms in a very expensive area of the town we lived in and they had two maids.. Tell people to live a poor life but live themselves rich..

  6. Considering she'd allow a hard Brexit with no democratic backing, because 15% of her party want her to?

    I'm not defending Corbyn, but literally the entire Brexit debacle has been caused by Theresa May caring more about staying in power and keeping the party together than she cares about getting a good deal.

  7. TIL putting the country first means destroying public services, strangling the NHS so it can be added to the list of things to be privatised, spying on your own citizens and bombing Syrians. Huh.

  8. I'd like to understand how this title is in any way justified. Cornyn asked a valid and important question. In response, May attacked things that affect him personally or are out of his control. Shes like a child, arguing that her siblings mess justifies burning down the house and drowing the pets.

  9. “He puts the party first, I put the country first”, well he is a leader to his party and to get the party united he will say those words but Theresa is a PM who is leading the country obviously and it’s her job to put the country first