May Promises Votes on Brexit Deal and ‘No Deal’ Exit

Feb.27 — Theresa May has promised the U.K. Parliament a vote to rule out a “No Deal” Brexit and a vote on a delay to the EU departure date. The move looks to have averted mass resignations of Pro-EU ministers and prevented another defeat in parliament this week. The prime minister insisted she doesn’t want a delay and still hopes to leave the block on the 29th of March. Bloomberg’s Neil Callanan and Lucy MacDonald, chief investment officer of global equities at Allianz Global Investors discuss the plan on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe.”

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  1. Britain, is amazing how no one can see what's happening! The play: It's either May way or the highway! She is done with this stupid, internal conflicts and she is going to shove it down her Conservative Party's throats! If they turn May down then it's a default no deal Brexit! DEAL WITH IT! 🇨🇦😀