May Seeks to Shift Brexit Blame to EU

Mar.08 — Theresa May is looking to shift the blame for the Brexit impasse onto the European Union. The U.K. Prime Minister is expected to say today that the EU’s latest offer on the Irish backstop is insufficient and that further concessions are necessary. Bloomberg’s Ian Wishart reports on “Bloomberg Markets: European Open.”

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  1. Lol, this isnt about what Britain wants, this is about what the EU wants, so it's up to the EU to put together something enticing. Trust me, Britons are more than happy to no deal bail, cya late,r good riddance, go eat a dick….that's what they voted for after all. Its the EU that wants to hang on somehow to the UK and keep her as a vassal state. Britain will be absolutely fine….and better than ever…maybe they can finally kick all the foreign scum out and finally have a country for Britons.

  2. This is now increasingly looking bad, like a UK & EU Scank, not to accept the first vote & democratic result of the British people!

    Maybetraya ZOG✡PM is in collusion with the Germans and the Merkel✡ZOG, she has been since her Chequers proposal when the Merkel✡ZOG was the first to see it, even before Maybetraya's Cabinet! Maybetraya ZOG✡PM will return to UK with some slight improvement to the bullshit backstop, NOT enough to get the meaning full vote in, so ZOG MPs will vote against a No-deal option WTO-EXIT and likely will EXTEND article 50 to rehash a new BREXIT that will keep us in the EU and it's Kalergi Euro-Mediterainian Union global migratory project for their Zio-Nazi NWO Eurasia-Negroid Surfdom!

  3. Into the valley of death rode the 600. 200 want a deal and go, 200 want no deal and go, 200 just want to stay in the valley. An holy alliance of the go and no deal and the stay will mean no to deal to go. What then..stay in the valley and wait for the cavalry to come to the rescue as in the cowboy films of the wild west. Trouble is there aint no cavalry coming.

  4. The ONLY thing you can blame is the dreadful deal that May and Merkel concocted in secret.
    It is so bad that it has been rejected by all sides and Parliament in the UK.

  5. What UK want, is EU not to obey Good Friday peace agreement that's ratified in UN. Basically UK is expecting EU to be part of a future war crime on behalf of UK. Not going to happen. This is not the "coalition of the willing" as last time UK wanted to have company in war crimes.

  6. The political consequences of the referendum were always beyond May's political and intellectual capabilities. She had 2 years to tell the UK voters, what a Brexit would mean. The few EU red lines were clear from the start. The could have made public that there are numerous illusions about potential trade deals, WTO conditions, the channel traffic and the Irish border issue. But she did none of that. Instead she hurried to declare the UK's leave under Art. 50. And he defined the "referendum" as the cornerstone of UK democracy.
    As if the question was properly defined and the people information about the consequences.
    This is all so terribly stupid. May and her cabinet was the most unsuitable for this task.

  7. UK is going to leave the EU without a deal because anything else doesn't fit with the government's economic and political agenda which they have been following for the past 40 years. All the plans the EU has to stop financial markets being run like casinos and hinder multinational businesses from shirking fiscal responsibility do not suit the UK government at all. That is the reason why the government wants out.

    The UK government is on a let-them-eat-cake-make-UK-great-for-themselves economic rampage. They are determined to drag the country into the cut-throat, competitive chaos of the liberated market.  If anyone believes,  on either side of the Brexit debate,  that they have a say in the UK's future, they are sadly mistaken.

    And while the government is doing the hokey cokey with EU membership and wallowing in delusions of economic grandeur, the UK will remain economically divided and in a permanent state of misery because of the government's economic and political agenda which has not changed since membership of the EU and will not change after leaving.

  8. What a clown. As if it's the UK Tring to bully the EU. The EU has openly been trying to punish the UK. Other states need to be careful. What happens when they disagree with the EU.

  9. I fell like Mrs. May gets a bit stuck and without exit and she uses this both as a negotiating tactics but most of all as a statement to domestic opinion. I expect EU will be impacted only very slightly, as obviously no one wants the no deal scenario, but at home this EU blaming might actually work to her advantage, of course this will still achieve very little…

  10. It is history that will decide blame. For something that so called politicians on both sides should have been able to handle and execute with a minimum of fuss, it now appears that in reality they were looking for conflict, and this was the grand excuse. Make no mistake gthat regardless of the consequences the damage is now done, and mistrust of Everything the EU says or does will now permiate across the remaining 27. If intrangecence remains then any transistion time may be used for preparations to upscale the conflict. As a Eurosceptic it will give me great pleasure on the 30th of March to cease calling it the European Union, and instead know it as Germany and its Dependancies.

  11. Yeah, blame it on the EU. No one in the british pariliament seems to have the courage to take a clear position and responsibility. It's all calculation to stay in power with the own party.

  12. Wat zetten die Britten zichzelf te kakken en voor schut zeg. Er is niks meer van de historische allure en ballen over hoor. Pak door klunzen jullie economie loopt momenteel als een tierelier!

  13. Democracy is more important than personal pride, maybe we should delay every vote in the UK for 3 years so the salty people can overturn it, democracy is dead I will never vote again.

  14. How on earth are we going to continue to work together in good harmony if Britain keeps on blaming the EU for the problems they've created themselves?? Stop hurting yourself Britain. We really hate to see you commit suicide.

  15. Bloomberg SHIT.

    FACT O.N.S. Statistics as follows between 1998-2017 growth of goods exports to the EU where on average 0.2% per year! In total a growth of JUST 3.7% in 20 YEARS!
    But on the other hand goods IMPORTED from the EU rose on average 3.4% !!! a year. In contrast export growth to OUTSIDE the EU climbed 3.3% on average a YEAR! over the last 20 years
    SERVICES, Growth in export of services to OUTSIDE the EU on average were 5.6% a year but even with the so called EU free/single market which REMAINERS harp on about were less at an average of 5.2% !!!!!!!
    But even with the growth of services exports to the EU it can not make up the differences between goods imports and exports to the EU,
    EU regulations are turning the UK into a captive market for EU PRODUCE no WONDER they call the UK treasure island. Plus we lost our UK fishing grounds, plus loads of house hold name's moved their production to eastern Europe with massive EU grants to set up new factories and to top it all off we are the second BIGGEST contributor to the COFFERS!

  16. It’s only a minority of the population (17 million) that wanted to leave; almost as many voted to stay and the rest didn’t give enough of a fuck about the vote because they thought it wouldn’t affect them. So here we are: some people are catastrophically stupid but it’s disappointing to see that our representative (Theresa May) is in that group and has put us in such a hideous position where neither the leavers or those who wish to remain are happy with the shitty deal! The PM is now trying to blame the EU for her own incompetence. All the EU have done is exactly what they said all along; and that is to protect the interests of their members, and why shouldn’t they? When pushed the idiots of the ERG and those who rallied for Brexit, never had a plan! So thanks to Boris Johnson, Rees-Mog and Farage for all the lies and utopia-mongering about how great everything would be be after we left the EU and how easy it would be to get free trade deals with everyone and 350,000,000 a week for the NHS. There are two sensible options: remain in the EU and apologise profusely to them for such a dogs breakfast of a job the UK government has made of the whole thing, or delay / revoke article 50 until there is an actual workable plan to leave which makes sense economically and politically. Then of course apologise profusely to the EU for making such a dogs breakfast of the whole thing!

  17. The reality is that there was never a deal available that would honour the democratic result in full from the EU, now if the original UK negotiators ( Brexiteers ) were still in place we would have arrived at this juncture 12 months ago and this deal would have never even been put on paper. Unfortunately we have a largely "remain" Parliament trying to represent a largely" leave" population and this is where the problem exists, we are not nor have ever been a nation to be dictated too so being part of the modern EU is not comfortable for us.

  18. Brexit explained: The UK are trying their best to break down the EU institution because they believe this would be beneficial to them. However, this has made all EU members realize the importance of the EU even though it is far from being perfect