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May Sets Out Government Plans After Heavy Defeat in Key Brexit Vote

May Sets Out Government Plans After Heavy Defeat in Key Brexit Vote

Mar.12 — U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May speaks in the House of Commons in London after her Brexit deal was firmly rejected by Parliament for a second time, even after she secured revisions from the European Union which were intended to placate lawmakers.

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  1. Her remoaner tactics have failed 3 times. Time to leave and start sorting out how best to deal with the result. Something that should have beaned planned for 2 years ago.
    May is no longer qualified to lead.
    Leverage needed as the EU do not want us to go.

  2. what did we expect a vicars daughter to fight like a street wise woman she is not worldly .GO NOW THERESA there's a good vicars daughter ITS WHAT GOD WANTS YOU TO DO.

  3. What a con ! The EU and the remainers are preparing the web. These odious politicians are about to commit treason and get away with it. The people must rise up now and demand leaving on WTO. It’s the will of the people and the best way forward for the UK. Also this sizemic shift will help the Europeans escape the EUSSR. Don’t let these corrupt spineless politicians steel freedom!

  4. Britain is in the process of firming up Brexit deal which settling terms with EU before exit so as ensure smoothness after exit. British lawmaker had not approved the deal brought before them by PM Theresa May. On 12 March , 2019 , the British lawmakers rejected PM Theresa May’s deal for second time. That has given rise to two situations. One , whether the Britain should leave EU without a deal? Two , if not , whether Brexit should be delayed? The existing time allowed by EU expires on 29 March 2019. So one thing is unambiguously certain – Britain is passing through a critical phase of political turmoil having major worrisome concern to the existing Govt. An alert of this situation was given by this Vedic astrology writer through article “ World Predictions 2019” – short form of “ Vedic astrology predictions for world covering just coming year 2019” brought out in public domain last year in November December 2018. The time indicated for said situation was first three months in 2019 , more so in February -March. Dates indicated in the footnote were 14 February , 22 February , 3 March and 11 12 March or a day prior and after to these dates. It seems the alert was precise and accurately timed.

  5. Is it ironic that Europe is trying to bully the people who stood against the killers of WWII. These are the people of England and America again will stand with them again because they will stand for themselves. An American.

  6. This is sick!!!!!!! Surely they are playing with the peoples mind, to confuse us like a bunch of chicks in a bowl…. leave without a deal bastards!!!! Leave or YOUR PARTY WILL LEAVE

  7. What happened to; NO DEAL IS BETTER THAN A BAD DEAL?

    If I lied in court I be sent to prison for perjury.
    If I lied to my family it wouldn’t o down nicely.
    If I lied as a prime minister and found out I SHOULD RESIGN!

  8. UK leaving without a deal is just fine because there's WTO terms that can strikes deals anywhere in the world. I believe after UK leaves on March 29, 2019 without any trade deal with the EU is a huge mess for both sides but most especially to the EU since they will be having a huge budget deficit left by Britain sot time will come that EU might run and beg for the UK to do a trade deals on any term just secure a budget from the UK, sounds good right?. . .God bless Brexit :=).

  9. No point having a British government if we have the European courts and laws imposed upon us in the future when we stay. 650 twats getting £120K for passing laws on drunk driving and school packed lunches. And the Lords can all fcuk off too. The power these have handed over to another power is just traitorous, no matter what our future leaving this lame European Union totalitarian cartel was going to be. This has been a conspired and cleverly arranged pre-set outcome. But it will not end as these fcukers wanted it to, all tired out by it and prepared to move on as is.
    Even those who supported the vote have moved to thwart the leave process.
    Masses more immigration, masses more movement of goods at "cartel prices settings" and pollution to the planet to only make 1% of the peoples in these countries better off and mega-rich. Less globalisation will have to begin and it could have been us that did it. Now it is green light to all multi-nationals to try to whip the flagging horse of consumerism for another decade of fcuk the planet and all the poor.

  10. Theresa you have been exposed, we shall make the renaissance look like a tea party. We British people are free and we will not be signed over to any foreign government. Don't you MP's dare extend our departure after we were told no more ammendments, we are watching. That would be an insult, just leave.

  11. The law says we must leave on wto terms, all mps voted for article 50 there were no amendments. Therefore whatever the vote Mrs May can simply overule and order leave without agreement.I. It's simple. It's the set law.

  12. Stfu babbling about your fucking deal you half-witted piece of human refuse. We have a deal. The deal is leaving the EU on WTO rules. In addition many deals have already been concluded regarding shipping, trucking, aviation etc. What a fucking moron.

  13. The laughingstock of the world Lol. Any government that would go into an agreement with the likes of a party who are bigoted racist homophobes deserves everything that they get. Lol engish idiot's. The dup are the scum of the earth!

  14. Wise words. The House has now put the obligation upon itself to put the money where its mouth is. For the without-deal-leavers-under-WTO, after all debates held and expert opinions expressed this category leavers still don’t understand what will happen with the UK after leaving this way. Even after 2 years they still don’t understand it. Poor and hopeless souls, they can’t be salvaged anymore.