May’s Brexit Deal Rejected Again

Mar.12 — The U.K. Prime Minister’s latest Brexit plan has been roundly rejected by the Commons, opening the door to further political crisis and also paving the way for a potentially chaotic exit from the EU. Bloomberg’s Sebastian Salek reports on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia.”

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  1. Second vote is the way to go. Ask the people what brexit they want exactly if at all and then go for it. If they want no deal brexit go for it, it is their country they can do what they like with it… People that do not share the EU values are not needed in the EU and brexit has shown where 17m uk citizens stand.

  2. Does the UK wish to revoke article 50 etc etc? What will happen? We don't know? What will it be like? It's all so scary? Maybe it will just stay the same as it is now, who knows? oh…. well, that would be ok…

  3. May the traitor has been working with Junker and Merkel since the beginning of this. Next comes a rigged second referendum, which of course the remain faction will win.