Theresa May’s Brexit speech in Florence could turn the tide of Brexit today. What will happen? Find out here.

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  1. sure lets keep giving the EU free money…thats obviously what we voted for.
    politicians never fail to fail us…there is no negotiations, they don't want to negotiate,
    stop giving them our money…

  2. Ok so you told several lies in this video:

    1. The EU said BEFORE the referendum that there would be a Brexit bill, AND that the separation issues must come first. This is not counter intuitive. It is logical .
    2. HAHAHA No exporters in the EU are not at all desperate because they know that even though the UK has a MARGINAL trade deficit with the EU, the Economic shock that would result from a return to WTO rules would make UK citizens suffer much more than the EU ones simply because the EU population is 9 times larger. You cannot even do a simple fucking division, you stupid twat.
    3. The Economic demise of a Hard Brexit is real–you just haven't felt the brunt of it because you have not EVEN BEGUN TO NEGOTIATE YET and you have not actually left yet. If you have not left yet, how can any of the effects even begin????
    4. No The EU isn't desperate to punish Britain — they actually said the opposite. EG
    5. The EU made a bill –
    6. How much counties pay – COMPLETE FUCKING LIE. You really should be ashamed. The UK only makes a marginally larger contribution than France and Italy. But it is SEVENTH in net contributions ;
    7. TRADE IS NOT THE ONLY TANGIBLE BENEFIT BRITAIN RECEIVED FROM THE EU!! It gets added vlue from collaborations in science and culture.
    8. Uh no, the Eu budget hole IS NOT A CARD THAT THE UK HOLDS , because of the reason I stated previously. No deal would make the UK much poorer than the EU, so has therefore MORE to loose . .
    9. No the EU is not "maliciously separating the divorce bill and trade talks " — complete LIE! When you leave an organisation you first have to agree on the terms of the separation! That is mere simple logic. It is not ' hostage taking '.

    How dare you spread misinformation like this and so blatantly lie to everyone??? You really a shameless shit ! FUCK YOU !

  3. I am behind the speech Theresa made because it gives a no cliff edge brexit to the businesses and people of Britain, but also still provides in the end a clean break from the EU with control over our borders and laws etc. Also what the Prime Minister set out was just to end the financial commitments we made back in 2013 up until 2020, not to give any extra money for some kind of 'divorce bill'. In return for this commitment we should be able to get a good trade deal that will be good for everybody. However, if even though we gave those financial commitments and we still get a bad deal then i want the no deal is better than a bad deal thing to come back!

  4. The author of this channel needs to educate himself before doing these clips. Britain had and is benefitting from it's standing in EU more than Germany did, exactly because it was outside the Euro zone. The reason the pound lost value is because its about not to be an EU currency. Hence we buy less for our money today than we did 18 months ago. I love the UK and I fear that people like you, boy, are going to leave this Great country aside from it's true place.

  5. Let's hope this docent mean we are going to capitulate completely to the EU .It's far too much money as we have a trade defesit with them, no money is to much, was the referendom a waste of time?

  6. We must not pay anything more than we're supposed to until the end of the current accounting period, unless we can legally avoid that because of Article 50. Giving the EU any money at all is just a waste as it's doomed to failure. I doubt it'll last longer than 2020, at east in its current form that is.

  7. Theresa May looked out of her depth since she became prime minister. She has blown her majority, achieved nothing beyond clinging to power, and remains in post only because of a paucity of alternatives in her divided party. So a disunited country has a terrifyingly weak leader there's no transparency , no honesty, no justice ,no integrity,
    Sold out and screwed again by the Tory's, it will be a complete F/UP  this ongoing Tory farce, latest news is that we wont be free of the EU till 2021 plus paying 18 billion W/T/F? And never stop paying money into the EU fascist dictatorship.
    Just why do we pay T May £185,000 a year for what???? We need a total political revolution before there is a revolt.
    T May, this treasonous cunt sold out the people's vote,  betrayal with this TRANSITION DEAL ITS BOLLOX; STALLING GETTING US OUT. TO JUSTFY PAYING OUT 18+ BILLION PLUS ,  RANSOM ???
    T May you couldn't negotiate to wipe your butt in a black out, you were a piss poor Home Secretary and an now even worse PM
     Remember your pledge on the steps of number 10 Theresa BREXIT MEANS BREXIT …You treacherous lying slag.
    And what's this transition deal if not staying in the EU by the back door???? You fucking lying traitor cunt. Another 4/5 years if not longer of open borders ..WTF????  Allowing the swamping of subhuman parasites that you expect the British tax payers to support …..DO YOU WANT CIVIL? IS THAT YOUR AIM
    T May as unproductive as her baron whom trying to conceive but just getting fucking around.?
      The question we must answer for ourselves is, DO WE WANT TO ABDICATE OUR SOVERIGNTY.    Do we want to become a Section 13 of this state.    This is our chance to jettison all that a future within the EU entails, it is not a promising one.  
      An EU army at hand to quash any dissention.   Federal Taxation system.   Continued immigration and many many more plans to control.    Do not think we will be better off financial it is unviable.   We will become a vessel to feed the EU Super-state.    We are better off out and fending for ourselves as a free nation.   It is not a legacy I want to pass to future generations.

  8. I think it's about time those of us who want out with our rectums intact should have a trip to no10. 10/10/2017 outside 10 downing Street? Or we all stop working up and down the country in protest to prove our point. She's mugging us right off.

  9. When will you stop the fake news mantra? The UK has simply lost its credibility. Therefore it will cost the UK more to borrow money. And borrow they will have to. The nation is neither trustworthy nor credible. Like the comedian, Greg Shapiro said !the French leave without saying goodbye but the British apparently say goodbye without leaving 😀 That joke will ring true for generations whatever happens. 1½ years on from the referendum vote and the Brits are a laughing stock on the world stage. Hopefully, article 127 of the Lisbon treaty (or in other words the EU) will save the UK some pain because your supreme leader obviously has not got the foggiest idea what to do.
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  10. Why are we even talking to those of the EU who happily hoovered up the migrants and refugees – created by Israel to make way for Greater Israel – and fired them as weapons upon the peoples of Britain and Europe. Only if we register to vote do we contract in with the agent UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION LTD, who have already done the deal with the principal that is EUROPA UNION CORPORATION back in the 70's. No voter registration, no contract. With neither UKC nor EU.

  11. Theresa May is your last centrist leader. UKs domestic problems adding up EUs pressure will push you into political extremes. Brexit is the worst decision ever made. You cannot pull out by yourself. You should have built an alliance with other member states. But Brexit wasn't a planned strategic decision, it was an impulsive decision based on irrelevant issues. Good luck!

  12. May get some BALLS and do what was voted for, not the halfway crap your pushing make it final get the EU filling their jocks with fright. Leave now as talking is about as useful as white sauce on fish

  13. if trade is stopped the EU carries a  bill in lost British trade of £290 billion  spread over 27 nations. the UK loses £240 billion spread over the UK,  don`t kid yourself we are on equal terms 65 million in the UK doesn`t equal 400 million in Europe, we make and produce nothing the EU cannot make for themselves or buy elsewhere, while trade is the only important factor for the UK it isn`t for the EU, unity is far more important to them  than trade  and they have no choice they will not give the UK a better deal  outside than inside the EU they know the UK is leaving and they want to make sure no one else does  the only way to prevent it  is by making sure the UK doesn`t get a deal! to give the UK a good deal undermines the rest of Europe. not going to happen  good bye EU trade! time for Westminster to wake up!