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McCabe confirms FBI discussed removing Trump from office

McCabe confirms FBI discussed removing Trump from office

One America’s Jack Posobiec discusses Andrew McCabe revelations.

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  1. ALL DEMONRATS. are guilty by not standing up to the bloody crimes of Hillary Clinton and the Coup D'tat by mueller, Rosenstein, McCabe snd the whole rats nest of the deep state! Forget the rope and hangings….this deserves to have Lady Guillotine taken out of storage and dusted off!

  2. It had become clear that the government does not work for the people, the people now work for the government, these sneaky bastards never thought it would backfire on them, curiously, with so much evidence, these fuckers are ALL still
    walking around, how is that possible?

  3. Worst part is that they did not remove the fascist.
    But it's coming soon.
    Great Russian fascist site btw.
    Comrade Donnie would find it great that his boss Comrade Putin is still is involved in USA politics.

    Fake news crap

  4. The Left always calls Trump and the Republicans Nazis. Well let me tell you something, if they were Nazis every one of these conspirators would have been hanging by piano wire right now. They better thank their freaking lucky stars that we aren't.

  5. And yet all these many Traitors to the U.S.Constitution, and the Citizens, not to mention the President of the U.S. are still wandering around free. Free to commit more Crime and steal more money from the American taxpayer, and commit MORE TREASONOUS acts against the legally elected representative of the People of the United States.

  6. The top leadership at our F.B.I. took part in rigging an election. They also spied on and framed the rival of their favored candidate. When all of these efforts failed, F.B.I. flirted with a coup d'état on the 45th President of the United States.

    The nerve of the legacy maffia.
    Is the goal to desensitize enough Americans with drawn out investigations? Because people should be taking to the streets, at least some, and with pitchforks and torches in hand.

  7. WTH are these libtards still free???? Why??? If it were the other way around they would slam him in prison!!!! Just someone tell me the damn truth why they haven't done anything to these slimy evil liars and corruption out the wassooo!! Does anyone have the answer!!???

  8. Somewhat old news, and I've heard/read there has been no less than 10 attempts to remove Trump. The dilemma with the 25th now is that Navy doctors have already testified to Trump's competency. The 'rats' are now scurrying around a sealed container looking for a way out.

  9. McCabe will just take the 5th. Rosenstein, on the other hand, cannot take the 5th as long as he is employed by the DOJ. Rosenstein has an albatross around his neck that he will not be able to blow off. He signed the 3rd request.