The S.T.A.T. tourniquet works like a zip tie. It has a built-in timer for medical professionals to track and a self-locking system that adjusts to the pressure needed. The company claims it can cease bleeding in 5-10 seconds.


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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. This device does not work as a tourniquet. It does NOT create enough pressure to effectively occlude a femoral artery.

    A tourniquet capable of stopping a femoral artery must have a mechanical advantage of greater than 1.

  2. Genuine question, yes it prevent further blood loss, but it also meant cutting off blood flow to that section of the body, wouldn't that result in damaging nerve cells…etc which maybe eventually result amputation due to dead cells?

  3. As someone with a first responder background, I find this very intriguing, but I need more feedback and field reports about it, especially in harsh or austere environments (i.e. – Tropical climate/heat might affect the materials longevity).

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