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Men's Canoe Sprint Kayak Single 200m Semi-Finals – London 2012 Olympics

Full coverage from the Eton Dorney as the semi-finals of the men’s canoe sprint kayak single K1 200m event at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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In 1924 in Paris, flatwater canoeing featured at the Games as a demonstration sport. Canoe and kayak racing became full medal sports at the 1936 Berlin Games. However events were initially limited to canoe sprint until canoe slalom made its debut at the 1972 Munich Games. Slalom racing was not competed again in the Olympic Games until the 1992 Barcelona Games.

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  1. To my observation, about Evgeny Slakhov # 2, from Russia. His each stroke was the strongest, the only mistake he made was, he used to give/take a fraction of second pause while making his each stroke. Those pauses brought him to lower rank. All olympic or international players of Kayaking should notice, watch, observe this video, see if I am right in commenting on a well reputed sports person. whether my observation is right?