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Microsoft’s fitness wearable has evolved from a homely chunk of a wristband to something you might actually want to wear. Join us for a hands-on look at the sleek, curvaceous Microsoft Band 2!

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Microsoft Band 2 Hands-On | Pocketnow


Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. 2 days of battery life is still too short. the first one was 2 days so where is the improvement? some wearables are hitting 6 days on a charge and this is 2 days? not very happy tbh.

  2. I've been waiting and waiting for a "real" smartwatch from microsoft to pair it with my windows phone.. And this is not it! WAKE UP Microsoft!!!! People want do more than just sports when they're using a smartwatch..

  3. Looks a lot better than band 1 but still not there. 2 days battery life is no good. Also the band should have a charging pad that uses magnetic induction / witricity. I.e. you simply place the band on the pad and it charges, nothing to connect.

  4. I wouldn't mind using for sports and stuff, looks much more convenient that putting a phone on my arm or in a belt, but as everyday thing, not sure. Also the sucky part is that there is no integration with Endomondo, at least according to presentation, something that all of the people I know use, i.e. none of my friends use runtastic, runnerkeeper, facebook, etc for sports.

  5. Would it make sense for anyone lazy as fuck like me? Like what would it offer as a 'smart watch'? I just hate the look of the majority of most smartwatches, they're either square and hideous (not to mention bulky) or round and attractive and cost a fortune. At least smartbands that I've seen so far are quite minimalistic.