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  1. Where is the women’s march in favor of contraception ??? Why are we constantly just talking about pro and anti abortion ???? This Mexican stand off has been with us for at least 1/2 a century with no change in sight ……. go figure !

  2. What's ironic to me is if the mothers of these marchers had aborted them, they would never had been in a march. Wonder how many of them love them for that ? I'd say not too many…

  3. Am I the only one who thinks this? WHY THE HELL IS THERE A WOMEN'S MARCH TO BEGIN WITH? THIS IS AN OXYMORON! If you have any intelligence whatsoever you know why! If not, you are a useful idiot!

  4. I wonder why modern day women can’t celebrate their own existence through productive relationships instead of channeling causes which they’ll never have any effect on…perhaps a modern day bonding ritual. One has to question the motivation behind the methodology, always. It’s never the who, when, where or what. That’s given. It’s always the why.

    I can hear the conversation at home, prior to leaving. “Oh, honey, I’ll be gone for a few days.” “Headed out on another March.” “Okay sweetheart, don’t forget the signs and the pink raccoon hat.” “Tell the Philistines I said Hi.” SMH…

  5. Most women's marches are pro abortion and pro lesbian…abortion is murder!!!! Why are you always defending the evil Jews? The Jews hate Jesus Christ and Christians and their evil Talmud says molesting children is ok at 3 years old and up??????? The Talmud also says Jesus is burning in hell in a vat of human feces! How can you defend these God hating bastards?

  6. After years of torment, heartache and confusion it turns out that the liberal clitoris is the enemy of civilization. Thank you, you instantaneous mass media vlogblogers for making us aware! You 'women's march' bunch, you want protection from the mistakes of your incessant search for clitoral and vaginal gratification?? Co-join with responsible men or pay for it yourselves. How about you just buy a bigger vibrator. End state payment for birth control and abortion.

  7. Human sacrifice has been going on since Babel, Baal the worship of Moloch. It was evil then and abortion is evil now. It is an abomination.

    There are numerous abominations becoming popular today. Let me suggest you research where these paths wind up on earth and the next life. ⚓️

  8. Why muslims mars for killing babies? Because they want all non-muslim babies killed, and same time they can not, by "their law" make abortion, and that's the way to spread muslims all over.

  9. The way these women are going, you won't have to worry about abortion or whether a women is better than a man. Men are seeing the light and distancing themselves are far from women as possible with the exception of those women who profit from satisfying men as a profession. Women are still making inroads into corporate positions, but that is being seen as a fad that will be over in a few years as those women become more demanding and are pushed out by men who aren't going to be ruled by a female.