Mnuchin Says Bolton and Trump Disagreed on Iraq

Sep.10 — U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin speak at a news conference about President Donald Trump firing National Security Adviser John Bolton and what it means for the future of foreign policy.

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  1. Pompeo… hope you are next!!! You even confess and laughed about your speech to give small personal history storytelling as CIA Director/ CIA does "We Lie, We Cheat. We Steal" and that there are training manuals on the subject and laughs to compare his West Point experience that was the opposite!!!

  2. Jew Mnuchin hides that Bolton followed a wrong policy against Iran and that's why trump fired him. So he just distracts public by saying it's because of Iraq. Jew Mnuchin just would love to see US citizens die in mass for Israhell.

  3. Truths about Trump:

    The “billionaire” who hides his tax returns.

    The “genius” who hides his college grades.

    The “businessman” who bankrupted 3 casinos and lost over $1B in 10 years.

    The “playboy” who pays for sex.

    The “Christian” who doesn’t go to church.

    The “philanthropist” who defrauds charity.

    The “patriot” who dodged the draft.

    The “innocent man” who refuses to testify.

    Trump Translator:

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    "A lot of people don't know" = I just learned something most people already knew

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    "In Fact" = I'm about to lie

    "He's a great guy" = I will deny ever knowing this person after they begin to tell the truth about me

    "MAGA" = Making my pockets fatter off the American tax payers

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    "Policy Briefing" = Turning on Fox News

    "Liar" = Someone telling the truth about me

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  4. John Bolton has been the one saying trump is trying to start wars for a while now and they're trying to make it look like trump fired him because he was the one trying to start wars. This is how dictatorships happen.