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More Republican Candidates Come Out on Top in Calif. Primary

California’s June 5 Primary proved to be a good night for Republicans running for various congressional districts throughout the state. Numerous candidates will now advance into the general election, as the party works to maintain its majority in the House of Representatives. One America’s Eddie McCoven takes a loot at some of those races.

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  1. I wonder how many dead people would vote for Maxine and Pelosi ? I think that anyone with half a brain would never vote for any of them! They are both liars, dishonest, and will do anything, no matter how low to win. Wake up California!!

  2. My great grandfather was a coal miner back when they'd use mules to pull the coal cars to the surface. Some bad coal miners would leave their mules down there over the weekend. Being in total darkness all weekend made the mules go blind. The Democrat leadership are the "bad" coal miner and their voters are the mules.

  3. California elections are dirty… There is no way i will believe otherwise! If i lived there i would insist it all be investigated due to them admitting to allow illegals to vote…

  4. Politicians reflect their constituents and the Democrat party has MANY IDIOTS, race-baiting Maxine Waters, wild eyed Nancy Pelosi, crying Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, Adam “media leak” Schiff, Bernie “everything’s free” Sanders, Hillary “30,000 missing emails” Clinton.. to name a few!

  5. All conservatives need to get out and vote in November don’t let the Democrats cheat don’t let voter fraud happen with the illegals and dead people – I say we still need a voter ID card to vote – fuck you Democrats, you don’t want ID cards because you’re afraid you’re gonna lose all your dead voters and your illegals will be caught and punished – fuck you, fuck your illegals – Liberals can’t win if they can’t cheat

  6. Vote those goddamn anti-American liberals out of office, we need to take back our state of California – fuck you Jerry Brown and your anchor baby Kevin deLeon and our traitor Attorney General Xavier Becerra

  7. Californians are the dumbest, drug infused idiots of this Century for embracing the likes of Jerry Brown, Maxine Watters, Nancy Pelosi Camalla Harris, and their liberal, socialist, unamerican demagogues, who are all hell bent on stripping America of the founding father's vision proclaimed through our glorious Constitution. With this ongoing disaster of illegal immigration and the unvetted influx of Muslim refugees, America will become another third world country, unless we Conservatives wake up and spread the message of hope for our very existence, or end up like Venezuela, Cuba, and such disastrous Socialists countries.

  8. How the fuck do those stupid ass's keep electing that monkey faced James Brown look alike low iQ Maxine waters or should I say auntie Maxine people in that district must have a lower iQ than her really they don't realize she hasn't done squat for them all these years they have elected her. Maybe they smarten up and vote the right person in this time. A republican NAVARRO THE RIGHT CHOICE. WAKE UP YOU DUMB 💩💩💩💩💩🐷