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Most Decorated Women at the Olympic Games | Top Moments

This International Women’s Day we bring you a top 10 full of women’s power. Watch the 10 most decorated women at Olympic Games, including Isabell Werth (GER, Equestrian Dressage), Ireen Wust (NED, Speed Skating), Jenny Thompson and Dara Torres (USA, Swimming),Marrit Bjorgen (NOR, Skiing) and more!

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  1. I always thought these rankings were unfair because some sports have a bigger advantage. Swimmers could aspire to get 18 medals per Olympics, Artistic Gymnasts about 6 but other sports like Figure Skating could only aspire to a maximum of 1 or 2 medals per Olympics. It would be more fair to calculate an athlete's standing by their success rate when comparing them with other sports.

  2. I decided to watch some women of the Olympics while there are still women in them. I gather men claiming to be women can compete at the Olympics as women with all their parts intact from now on. Good job, dudes.

  3. Good video, but, honestly, the International Women’s Day is a communist holiday that was created by the communists to push their agenda that women have equal rights with men in the communist countries. In fact, they don’t. Check the leaders (both former and current) of the communist countries. No women. Lenin, Stalin, Brezhnev, Mao, Castro, Kim, Chavez, Maduro…