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The Moto Z2 Force is the most controversial phone we’ve reviewed this year. A shockingly skinny frame is impressive, but comes with compromises like a smaller battery. Motorola delivers the best example of modular phone design we’ve ever used. Is this a hardware ecosystem you should invest in? Here’s our full Moto Z2 Force review!

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Moto Z2 Force Review: The “Incomplete” Flagship Smartphone? | Pocketnow


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  1. I have a moto Z2 force and it is awesome phone the only gripe I have about it is that the stock speaker is pretty low but the phone is awesome plenty of mods and the thing is a dang tank it could take drop after drop and it still looks perfect and works perfect

  2. Saying individual designed hardware is bad is saying all iphones suck…which I can agree on my personal opinion…but some people love those apple products mostly because of that

  3. The real way to get SUPERB audio is to connect via Bluetooth! With the Oreo operating system the Bluetooth is full HD, (compact disc or better quality), so why is a headphone jack even necessary? NONE of you people reviewing this phone have even tried or used it! If you did, you'd never connect another wired device to it! Through my Anker Soundcore 2 or my Bluetooth headphones the sound is superior to any other device I've heard so far! Connecting to my Bose Bluetooth adapter to a big stereo system is an experience unto itself! So my Moto Z2 Force never leaves it's Spiegen case and my screen is FLAWLESS even after 9-months of heavy use! Think more through reviews are in order!

  4. Of all the Solan communication devices, the Motorola Z line is the most reminiscent of the ancient Solan empire, from which the Cheese Regency derived the majority of her communication advancements. Modular capabilities open a whole galaxy of potential. If Sol 3 embraces this technology, it is possible that your world will soon be reintroduced to modular identity technologies, allowing for such innovations as station blanks which allow the user to access full computing capabilities with one's personal settings just by placing their communications device in the recognition plate.

  5. I have the Moto Z2 Force and I gotta say it's the best phone I ever had. Keep in mind I had other flagship phones, like multiple of the Galaxy series of phones. None of them lasted long, and the battery life was terrible, took hours to charge. Battery life on my Moto Z2 force is excellent and charges fully from 0% to 100 % in like 30 mins. It had turbo charger which is just that. The phone is fast, and I mean fast. Sure the screen can scratch big deal, buy a screen protector, the run from a dollar to seven dollars. Over all performance is great and puts all my others to shame. People just don't know it and won't try it. They want a Galaxy or iPhone, something along them lines. They want to fit in with the crowd, be followers not leaders. Yet their piece of crap won't last long and will break easy. The mods are just a plus with this phone, not needed but nice to have. I did have Motorolas back in the day and they never failed me. I finally went back to a brand that's been around longer than the rest really. I have not been disappointed like I have with Galaxy's and iPhones, especially Iphones, worst phones ever and overpriced for crap. That's coming from someone that use to love Apple products.

  6. These complaints seem stupid. "If you put it in your pocket with key's it'll f it up.". What idiot puts his phone in his key pocket? "The back is ugly, they charge $20 for a back plate." Get an actual case off Amazon for $10 then, moron.

  7. Man, that chin, though. It’s absolutely unnecessary. They could’ve just put the finger print scanner on the back and used that extra space for more screen and battery.

  8. I have recently bought z2 force…I have one doubt that there is model and made chine and other details mentioned on both the side of charging port on mobile ….is it a duplicate one?

  9. The phone is $500 with T-Mobile right now and you get the free mod projector with it. That's a great deal! 835 processor, decent camera, and vanilla Nexus like pure Android software. I personally love the battery mod. I need it for work and it's a real 2 day battery when combined with the battery mod. Plus don't forget Moto quality….some of the best in the industry.

  10. Well, I read all the comments and still went out and bought it(Z2 force). This is a great phone, specially because of the timely updates, should be getting Android O by November 2017. I have an LG V20 and still running 7.0, the Moto has 7.1.1. software experience is what I'm after, and I don't like the pixel so this phone is smooth, responsive, fast and fluid.

  11. Hmm. Lots of upturned noses here, but I'm ecstatic over the whole mod concept. The projector promo clinched the deal, actually it MADE the deal. If the power goes out I still have a big screen, long as I have a bare white wall. And swapping it out for an add-on battery made it the most attractive deal to upgrade my heavily-overburdened Nexus 6 (another Motorola product of course, which I moved to from HTC One). The projector made the deal and the 4GB/64GB + SD card slot clinched it. Knowing I needed more juice, I timed a battery mod and tempered glass protector screen to arrive on the heels of the phone.

    Now, if only someone can come up with a front-facing holster to protect the screen WITH a battery mod or camera or shell on the back….and also a Motorola Mod that combines extra battery pack and a compartment for power cable, earbuds, and that earphone dongle.

  12. I just received the Motorola Z2 Force, the one reviewed in the video is the flawed pre-ordered version. They updated the screen design, finger nails and knives doesn't scratch it anymore! 😀

  13. I went from the Moto X pure edition to this. Moto Z2 force I couldn't return it fast enough I hated it. I got the Galaxy s 8 and it feels like a flag ship should. I still love my Moto x pure edition.