Motorola One Zoom hands on: Lenses galore!

The Motorola One Zoom is technically the most capable phone of the new One line – the most lenses, all of the camera modes, and all of the Moto DNA packed into a phone that is actually pretty affordable!


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  1. I'm ugly and poor. I don't use the selfie cam neither do I travel to fancy places to make use of the primary cam. All I use them for is to click pictures of bills to submit reimbursements. So get me a phone with the latest SoC in mid range and a mediocre cam for all I care.

  2. so many things about this phone are good.
    -great build quality
    -those cameras with OIS
    -Amoled display
    -big battery
    -Motorola UI

    but some things are kinda outdated
    -only 4GB or RAM?
    -and SD 675? why not the 710 or 730?
    -15W charging

    I don't know. there is a lot of competition for the midrange market from Xiaomi/Redmi and Samsung.
    Galaxy A70 seems a much better choise.

  3. My goodness. This guy is just an iPhone lover. The new iPhones done even come with that 15w power brick. The tear drop was done by ESSENTIAL phone even before the iPhone 10.
    4gb is good enough for many? 128? IPhone 11 only gives you 64gb.
    Sometimes when kids make this reviews. They forget these are mid to low range phones.

  4. I love it. I look for telephoto lenses as I often take distance landscape shots, and finding them on a cheap phone that should be found in the US will be good. Was looking at zenfone 6 before, if camera shots look great this is my new contender.

  5. Just ordered mine from Amazon. Still not sure how it happened, but got it for $388 after tax w/coupon – delivered. Coupon wouldn't take it at first, but somehow worked later.