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Mueller Probe Intensifying to Breakneck Pace, Ex-Deputy Asst. AG Litman Says

Aug.24 — Harry Litman, former deputy assistant attorney general, reacts to federal prosecutors giving immunity to Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization’s chief financial officer. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Kevin Cirilli on “Bloomberg Markets.”

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  1. Man you people are brainwashed ""everything perezedenta Trump has done is really good for the poor and middle class blacks Latinos. All this immigration open border stuff hurts the truck driver's labor's tradesmen/ tradespeople don't want to offened anyone. It strikes me kind of curious why educated people like yourselfs wouldn't understand this. I'm also curious as to why you let your hate for someone cloud your judgement?Oh by the way I'm one of those deplorables that didn't finish high school that since perezedenta Trump police's there has been lot of work and better pay!

  2. Now that Hillary's deleted E Mails showed up in China, you will see the left fire there remaining bullets. By the way, Trump is not a fag, and his girlfriends look better than you. that is not news, or a crime, unless you are a leftist. And getting a hair cut, is designed to influence and election. Dumb Asses.

  3. If they had anything on Trump it first of all wouldn't have taken so long to uncover, and secondly charges would have been levied long ago. Break neck pace? 2 fricken years? Really.? The corruption is being exposed and Mueller only needs to look in the mirror to see who the real criminals are. Your all delusional. I'm sure you've heard of Dershowitz, the law professor form Havard,? He seems to disagree with every point you're guest has spewed, you're a complete dis service to your viewers. Shame on you.

  4. The greed and abuse of the wealthy on our society is oozing out in these Trump downfalls, so that humanity can wake to better ways of sharing our resources. Why does any one need to be a millionaire these days when money make people evil like trump?!

  5. The Clintons paid Steele to create the Trump Russian collusion dossier for Fusion GPS. Then the FBI (P Strzok) and Justice Department (Bruce Ohr) used the dossier to launch an investigation into Trump with this bullshit dossier. Jeez, I suppose the media want to believe it, Trump derangement syndrome.

  6. Those rallies,  like POS Trump and his administration,  are a hate groups  //  Republicans don't seem to care about environmental impacts even when the impact ruins their own.  .// MR McCAIN WAS A HERO AND POS TRUMP IS A 5x draft dodger TRAITOR  // POS TRUMP IS NIXON ON STEROIDS / FOR HOW LONG WILL AMERICA ALLOWE THIS CIRCUS!!!He claims he doesn't want to see the violence yet he's the very one who promotes it.

  7. If Russian Collusion is a big deal, why is Hillary, who NOT ONLY colluded with the Russians by paying for lies about Trump [ The Steele Dossier ], but went on to give them to their allies in the FBI to WEAPONIZE the department of justice against their political opponents being investigated and / or in jail?

  8. Robert Mueller was not going to end up empty handed which seems to have been Trump's unfortunate strategy. That would have left Mueller a laughing stock for having spent a lot of resources and time – and coming up with zilch! That was not going to happen – careers and legacies of key players are at stake!

  9. That's it, in the end this guy knows that Trump will win the house and senate in a landslide. Why would we say no to a better economy, a fairer place of the USA on the international place, the coming back of the money stolen from the USA , the USA is not the laughing stock of the world like it was for the past 30 years and absolutely no reason to ever go back to an Obama like presidency. This is no brainer to go Trump until 2024. The left as we know it today should be erased completely and they should start from scratch again with non globalist new leaders and pro American left ideas. Left our right the government should be for America first in America, France first in France, Germany first in Germany like Israel is first in Israel and always will be.

  10. Allen Weisselberg is key to unwinding the Trump business and revelations that lead to Trump property money laundering of Russian money. Also, Wilber Ross is involved in the can of worms somewhere with his links to Cyprus banking and Russian money in the bank.

  11. This investigation was about Russia collusion. And yet Mr. Mueller thinks he will investigate every citizen of the United States in his hopeless, desperate witch hunt for something to put on Trump. Shame on you, Mr. Mueller. At some point, you and your traitor, sore loser angry Democrats will be tired of this nonsense and pack your bags and go home. Americans have long figured out the scam you are running.

  12. BULLSHIT just go back to Hillary and her cohorts, where do I begin, Haiti?, Laura Silsby, PEDOestas?, Her Server, Her Lying, Her Health, Her Brother?, DNC Collision against Bernie, AWAN Brothers, Uranium 1, Seth Rich?… WTF are you people blind ? Three Blind Mice?

  13. Dear Editor,
    After hearing about how James Comey crucified Martha Stewart and gave Bill & Hillary Clinton a pass on everything and how James Clapper, John Brennan and Robert Muller are attempting to take down a duly elected government, I became curious as to how these men amassed a lot of wealth. Now we all know that many elected officials and their lobbyist spouses milk the system but it would be nice to know how appointed people do it. Muller is worth 18 million after giving Sandy Burger a pass for destroying archives involving the Clintons, Comey with 16 million, communist John Brennan about 33.5 million and James Clapper trailing with a piddling 4 million. To attempt to understand how this all happened you have to read up on Operation Mockingbird which planted CIA resources in all of the major media outlets. This is why you can't talk about 9/11, building 7 or the corruption within the Justice Department, FBI and the CIA . That is why all the talking points come out consistent and quick in most of the news outlets. But you can rest assured President Eisenhower warning about the Military Industrial Complex is just as valid today as it was when he gave it a few years before a coup took out John F Kennedy.