Mueller's Classic Prosecution Playbook for Russia Probe

Aug.23 — The former FBI director leading the probe into the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia is taking a page from the playbook federal prosecutors have used for decades in criminal investigations, from white-collar fraud to mob racketeering: Follow the money. Bloomberg’s Chris Strohm has more on “Bloomberg Markets.”

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  1. Mueller this piece of shit should be invested for uranium one …..this scum is nothing but a fucking clown with all the democratic Lawyers He appointed and gave money to the Clinton and Obama Administration.

  2. Amazing how there is still no concrete proof of anything, yet our Congress has instituted sanctions, we've very expensively increased military right on Russia's border, and just kind of pissed all over any type of diplomacy. It seems to be all political showmanship and absurd posturing by hysterical representatives with less proof than there was of WMDs.