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N.Y. ICE agents arrest 118 illegal aliens

N.Y. ICE agents arrest 118 illegal aliens

Thanks to ICE agents in New York, 118 illegal aliens are now in custody. Many of those detained are guilty of crimes like drug trafficking and sexual assaults on children. As One America’s Pearson Sharp explains, local Democrat leaders are fighting to make it harder for ICE to keep criminals like these off the streets.

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  1. IF THE ICE really going all out to sweep the street for illegals, I bet you could get as many as thousands !!! In every restaurant in the country, you will find 1 – 5 numbers for sure!!

  2. These Democrats that aid and abet illegals should be arrested for treason. Cuomo is a traitor and a coward.  New Yorkers are obviously the stupidest people in the country.  How can anyone who is an American vote for traitors. I hope that the people who vote for these traitors are faced with the death of someone they love at the hands of these criminals they feel the need to protect. Maybe it will take that to open their eyes to the stupidity they are doing.

  3. Abolish the Socialist communist Democrat party. Treason and Sedition. Pelosi and Schumer are Traitors and liars to the American citizen. Remove them from office for the good of the country.

  4. Are Democrat politicians who help illegals complicit with their crimes? Maybe they should be locked up also.

    Dereliction of duty ? How much money have these Democrats been paid by the cartels ? ( Nancy in Mexico in 2016 ).


  6. Those advocating open borders and the abolition of ice, those that protect pedophiles and rapists- are themselves pedophiles and rapists.

    Just look at the vile subhumans waving their “abolish ice” banners and tell me they are not pro wife beating pedophillic racist rapist inbreeds and supporters of human trafficking.

  7. If walls don't work why do we build them around prisons?
    The wall is expensive so the #DumboCraps want a slice of the pie and profit off of it!
    Its funny Nancy Pickled Pelosi mentioned she is from San Fransisco but she did not mention that's where that illegal alien shot Kate Steinle, the woman who died in her father arms on the pier after getting shot by that illegal alien that was already kicked out of the USA and snuck back over the border and did NOT pass through customs!
    How much did the #DumboCraps worry when our jobs were going to other countries? we are the tax payers!
    My buddies son was murdered by a Mexican gang just for being with a witness! The jobs Donald Trump created would pay for the wall in just months! maybe they are worried that during the shutdown they do not have anyone that knows how to delete their emails! if the #DumboCraps want to protect the USA how come they do not want the wall or ICE ?!? If walls are not protective how come Butthole Obummer had one built around his mansion? how much did it cost to replace the uranium the Clinton's and Obummer stole and sold to Russia? CNN will not cover that but congress does, I have videos of congress over 8 hours long on my YouTube channel but CNN's Anderson Pooper will not even admit it! Its funny how Hitlery Clinton was against the wall all of a sudden after Donald Trump said he wants to spend $5.7 billion on the wall when she blew $1 billion the embassy in Benghazi !!!

  8. Thank you ICE for the services you perform to benefit this nation. BTW, it's okay to beat these GD maggots to bloody pulp. Democrats are POS for condoning/promoting this BS. Pelosi deserves to be gang raped by them.

  9. Thank you, ICE! Dems just want mass murder to depopulate our great nation! Need the wall and NO democrats! Vote them out. No abortion at a whim. No illegals. Follow the law.

  10. I have a feeling we are going to have a big, expensive wall and an identical illegal immigration problem when it's all done and said. It seems the wall is more about dividing the country because immigration has been an ongoing political argument forever. Every president has made this an issue for political gain. Now, this. president is pushing so hard it makes me suspicious. All that returns to in my mind is Trump has his slimy paws in everything and is in a position to grease the right palms in a major way. Remember, politics are also about making connections to use later. Why else would every president be multiple times richer than ever after serving? Why do politicians get richer and richer while in office? Having no limits to serving makes it relatively safe to set up the system any way they want over a long period of time, which is what they've done. This is not America as it's being sold to us, this is some place else. Somewhere in the world of the upside down.

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  12. If you are a bartender look kinda attractive and have a last name like CORTEZ you got the vote, No intelligence needed. Socialism will be IMMORAL AND DEATH. Why do you think they want open borders? Everyone knows it but MSM slices, edits and flat out lies, manipulates and brainwashes daily. You cant even support Trump now because youre a racist. Cant wear a hat??? What if the roles were reversed and Obama supporters and Hope and Change hats were demonized. World gone crazy. And also if Obama wanted the wall Dems would of said YEP ITS best for the country.