There have been new developments in the Clinton email server scandal, involving Chinese hackers who were reportedly spying on the former Secretary of State.

One America’s Christopher Carter discussed the issue with investigative reporter Richard Pollack of The Daily Caller.

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  1. We'll well the wicked witch had her computer hacked no kidding. As in Duh! So guess what Hilary Clinton little email us now known to have been hacked and available for review yeah
    Yep dipweed does it again too stupid for her
    Stupid self

  2. Strok was put in the position of having to choose between protecting his country or protecting Hillary and the Obama administration. There was no way to look into the security breach without revealing that Hillary was deliberately breaking all sorts of IT security protocols and that President Obama either condoned Hillary's decisions, or is the IT security equivalent of a complete moron.

    It will be interesting to see if Obama will still claim that being recorded as the worst US president in history is better for Obama than Hillary not going down in history as a US president will be for Hillary. Surely the only thing worse for Obama than being recorded as the worst US president in history would be Trump going down as a much better president than Obama.

  3. i hope they turn over all the e-mails and we can see all the information on the yoga classes and Chelsea Clinton's wedding . Why would you destroy touch pads , smart phones if this was the only information on it ? everybody knows the Clinton's are guilty and the government agencies are covering it up ! DO they really think this is all gonna disappear ? deep state more like dumb state . all of this treason for one bitch and a Muslim born in Kenya !