Gillian Keegan, new Tory MP for Chichester is grilled by school kids from a local school.

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  1. She owns several properties in France and her husband is the CEO for a huge tech company. She wants people to access those properties for her own gain from the U.K. She in now the MP for Chichester which is a LEAVE constituency. How can that be right.

  2. Yes, she is right to have voted remain in the EU. However the vote was to leave the EU. We need access to the single market and customs union. Therefore we need something similar to the deal that Switzerland has. That means free movement. However, we have never used the powers that we already have to control immigration, and which other EU countries use. Polls show that the small leave majority at the referendum has now been replaced by a small remain majority.

  3. I was so happy that I was finally able to eat British produce once the Eastern Europeans came here to pick it all for us. Bloody stuff just sitting there rotting in the ground and trees, nobody bothering to pick them.
    On the racism point, what is the prominent skin colour in Eastern Europe? Same as in the UK, oh, ok…..

  4. Why didn't she stand for the Labour Party. This woman is as far away from Margaret Thatcher as you could imagine. She is another Anna Soubry type and this sort of Conservative MP will hand the next election to Corbyn's hard left Labour Party. These people have parallels in history. In Russia prior to the tyrannical Bolshevik government that came to power in 1917, the Kerensky government was full of wishy washy people like this who were easily out manouvered by radical socialists. The same in Germany before Hitler came to power.

    We are in very dangerous waters. These people are completely detached from what the people really feel. They are nothing more than career politicians and she and sadly her little girl beside her are going to witness huge social conflict if Brexit is betrayed as it looks like it is being.

  5. David camoron leaving was the ultimate best thing ever the man had to much of a snobs view on ruing a countery and he is out dated as well as a pompous ignoramus with a chip on his shoulders that no one needs

  6. Nine years would have been good for scotish kids to get a job after school lots never had any stable jobs when there was thatcher in power no coal pits no car industry now there's no steel no brick works nothing all there is is charity shops on the streets

  7. We should have never entered into the eu I was just a boy and remember it well on the news we are British not European and we did just fine befor and we should have had this vote at the time to enter into the eu comon market but we were all thrown into the eu without our permission we are British we will not be dictated to from anyone in Europe

  8. Tories like her are why UKIP and the referendum happened.

    That said, I'd happily volunteer myself to be the sex scandal that makes her position untenable.

  9. Of course immigration isn't a red line for someone like her. Totally unaffected by it and sitting on an MPs salary and golden pension. Why do we want millions of people coming here doing jobs cheaper than what we can do them for and using our taxes to up their wages and burdening our services and infrastructure whilst adding to the housing crisis?

  10. The leave campaign was representing the majority opinion on mass imagraion. U still don't get it.the swamp in Britain needs freshening up and need to remember they are the servants of the people.

  11. no disrespect,but lass ilegal is ilegal,open borders no papers no way,if some 1 wants to come to the uk then go through the proper chanels,if not then you are out,class solour creed religion dont matter,you broke the law off the land,i dont care what the law is in your land does,when in the uk you obey the uk laws,if not happy ia aint changing for you,so that means you change for me,if not happy just go home to your own place,also keep your non religion out off the uk

  12. She wrong on "reform". The only reform possible in the EU is deeper centralization, integration and broader scope for power going to the EU bureaucracy, so when she says half the population are idiots, she is one of them for believing that after 60 years in which 45 years the UK has been in it on the inside, "reform" has only ever travelling in one direction, the EU will suddenly go into reverse handing back sovereignty and powers. The EU Acquis is not called the Ratchet for nothing.

    However"Reform" has to be taken into account of who is saying it. The EU politicians want more power, so when they say reform it means more power for them. When UK politicians say reform, they lie through their teeth, because they are talking doublespeak, because British people assume reform means less regulations, handing powers back, liberalizing bureaucracy, but they mean the exact opposite.

  13. She conveniently dodged your question about Theresa May being absent in the campaign. Yes Corbyn did the bare minimum because he's anti EU. He's hostage to his party on this issue and Trident but anyone with half a brain knows his true beliefs. I sense May was also absent partly for political reasons (sitting on fence) and also because she's hardly a fan of much of EU like ECJ for example.

  14. Think people would pick peppers if the money was decent or students during the summer would do it as a first job. She talks about giving young people a future but believes there should be more immigration for pepper pickers. This would be an ideal job for young people to teach them basic work skills such as punctuality, working as a team and fulfilling objectives. Young people have to take their first job before they can get a good job.

  15. They're all the same. Out of touch and spewing the same rhetoric about diversity being our strength, and that we need mass immigration which is a total fallacy. I don't think I could ever vote for the Tory's again. They're better than Labour of course but when it comes to things like immigration and freedom of speech regarding the issues we are having with Islam, the Torys and Labour are both as bad as each other. Politically correct idiots destroying British and European culture in order to try and get into or stay in power at the expense of the indigenous people of the UK who have to live with their decisions.

  16. The lefties obsession with trying to rub out British culture has created a platform for racism.   This is Britain and I am British.   If you don't like that then FUCK OFF!

  17. She seems to struggle to think beyond short term economics. She thinks immigration is good for nation without considering cultural impact and fails to see how low skilled labor will only put off mechanization…not to mention crime from certain followers of the religion of peace.

  18. Out and out now. Close borders. start deporting. This is what most want. I prayed to our lord and savior Jesus Christ for Brexit.. He delivered. Now please get on with it.

  19. She's a Remainer that says she doesn't think anybody would vote Remain if they believed the EU is unreformable but her view is that she doesn't actually know whether or not the EU is receptive to reform. Blimey, you showed the frailty of her position with those first couple of follow ups.

  20. How any white,working class British person can consider voting for Corbyn totally baffles me.With his open door immigration policy immigration will immediately rise to 1.5 million per year and he makes it plain that they will be at the front of the queue for everything,benefits ,housing etc.You would be cutting your own throat by voting Labour.

  21. OMG this woman bloviates and concludes, "oh absolutely, RACISM!!" Perhaps she could comment on why Muslim Pakistanis are 200 times (thats 20,000%) more likely than any other demographic of men to be involved in gang-raping our children. Or is that a racist question?

  22. We should have been given a referendum before Maastrich and we should have offered a referendum before Lusbon…the "racism" has been the product of delay, not Brexit. She's clearly part of the problem.

  23. Revolting evil demonic EU members are nothing but COMMUNISTS calling themselves by another name.
    The end game of the EU is to control everyone and everything it's a totalitarian groups of assholes. Merkel is a Communist . Shit she was born in East Germany and she's a COMMUNIST. Of course Merkel loves the evil/Commie EU!!!
    Get the hell out of the EU and take back the UK from these demons.
    Islam needs to be banned in the westernized world they are insane and want to destroy modern culture and other religions.
    Moohamhead he was a pedophile and a retard.