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New treatment for Parkinson's disease may halt, reverse damage

New treatment for Parkinson's disease may halt, reverse damage

Researchers unveil their findings in a study involving a new treatment, which may stop or even reverse the damage caused by Parkinson’s disease.

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  1. No mention?

    'This one is a big deal,' U.S. attorney for Utah says of major drug trafficking bust
    Pat Reavy
    Published: February 27, 2019 6:06 pm

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  2. CRUEL. Being diagnosed at 42 years old and living the nightmare you grasp at any news. This is just dreadful news coverage. I think it is click bait at the expense of people with Parkinson's Disease.

  3. 95%-97% of All diseases including Parkinson's disease has been caused by being blue light toxic and living in an environment which is filled with UHF, VHF, WiFi. Watch Parkinson disease DOUBLE in the next 5 years….5G…5G..

  4. That is just what we need. More EXPENSIVE FDA PHARMA.
    You wonder why the DRUG problem in the USA, look at the Rx commercials dominating the television!
    I do not use Rx drugs. Would rather die! If you are allergic, do not take. HOW DO YOU KNOW, UNLESS AND UNTIL YOU TAKE THEM!?! In case of death, CALL YOU DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY! LOL!
    The love of money, aka GREED is the WORLDWIDE problem!!! Power! Control! Insanity!!!

  5. Would be most interested as to what drug or treatment you are speaking about. You left a lot of us hanging. I would subscribe but if this is how you treat your readers, I think I will pass it up. From a Parkinson's patient, Pam

  6. We'll all be long dead before any treatment like this is released to the general public for the good of humanity. There's no money in that… Don't hold your breath and don't invest in these companies.