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  1. Really good vid and really good points. If these deluded wannabees manage to even stand any candidates (ulikely IMO) I think we can look forward to them being trounced by the highly respected Monster Raving Looney Party, a party with more traction with the British public that the Retard party – or whatever they are calling themselves.

  2. Since 1973 when we were dropped into the EEC (EU) more than 43,000 children have been molested by migrants coming from or through Europe. This is the reason why me and my family voted leave. SO ''RENEW'' PARTY… Do we want more children in Britain subjected to this? No we bloody well don't.

  3. Democratic Republic of Congo, People's Democratic Republic of Korea, Democratic Republic of East Germany. This so called Democratic / Democracy is of the same ilk as the aforementioned.

  4. This div thinks Britain will continue even if a nuclear holocaust is unleashed on these islands. A nuclear holocaust would kill everyone, but he claims, in his dreary tones, that the British people will survive. As far as I know the only species that can survive a nuclear fall out is the cockroach.

    Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, this limp-wristed fop believes that you are cockroaches.

  5. I am sorry to say this, but I find your videos to be utterly stupid and narrow minded. You only see the UK's position in all this and fail to realize that there are interests of the other 27 EU members to be considered as well. Your government wants to get everything good out of the EU and to avoid all obligations. Why would we ever allow this? Why would any single country want to remain in the EU, if it sees that your cherrypicking has worked? Why would we give you a deal that allows u to reap the benefits of what the remaining 27 are sustaining, and let you avoid your obligations? I, for example, am from Slovenia, a country that the likes of you will deem as unimportant and probably imagine as some gloomy shithole filled with zombie hobos that eat cabbage all day long. Well guess what, it isn't. And neither are other poorer EU countries and I will have my head chopped off before I allow our politicians to agree on a deal with the UK that we get nothing from. You don't want to contribute to the budget with which you help my country to develop a bit faster? Well why then would my country allow you to sell your products tariff free? You like to list the facts that German car industry, the French wine etc. will be hurt, but ignore that there are countries in the EU that literally get nothing from agreeing on such a deal. If your negotiators with the help of business lobbyist somehow manage to force the EU to agree on something like that, which I don't find likely, I guarantee you that my country and many others will veto it.

  6. Remoaners are just irritating & deluded pricks who won't accept the result of democracy, the end.

    Also, about the banning of UKIP, lame. But in fairness UKIP have no purpose anymore. But "Democrats"? Really? Why don't they just call themselves "Hitler." At least that's closer to their actual description

  7. Odd that some smug git  with a cut class English accent  has the bloody cheek to suggest that Ireland has been given a hard time by Europe !  Not to mention he then prattles on about democracy  unbelievable

  8. There is one surefire way of silencing the leftist remoaners,it never fails.Simply remind them that the three greatest Broitish left wing politicians of modern times Tony Benn,George Galloway and Dennis Skinner were or are fiercely anti E.U.Either they are unaware of this which shows their ignorance of politics,or they do know it but deliberately ignore it which calls their honesty in to question.It wins the argument every time because it embarrasses them into silence.

  9. World-wide, citizens are renegotiating their social contracts with their governments. It's fascinating and exhilarating. All transitions are difficult, especially when they are sudden and unexpected. But we must push through to the other side with as much good humor and enterprising spirit that we can muster. There will never be a time when everything is perfect and we will always toil for a better life. There are many hazards and pitfalls ahead but I believe that we can meet the challenges ahead and hopefully find a way to solve most of the problems that come into our path.

  10. Interesting video. Thanks for posting it. Brits, stick to your guns and make sure you push through with your Brexit. I predict the Visegrad 4 nations Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia will also leave the EU….or let the EU kick them out. To see videos on Poland and her Visegrad allies standing up to the EU and it's Muslim migrant madness, see my channel. Thanks.

  11. You know you can travel free because of the membership in the EU? I guess you are one of the many who have no idea what 70 years of peace mean. 6 states came together after WW2 to never go to war with each other and formed the Union of coal and steel. So they controlled together what had driven the last war. Today we know it as EU and no member ever waged war against another member.

  12. Here's Hippocrisy at its best !!!
    This guy enjoying full EU freedoms of movement
    Complaining about EU being ” LIKE a CAGE ''
    Are you kidding me???
    The guy who Travels every week & constantly uses E.U fast boarding lines, complaining his Freedoms have been taken away by the EU ?
    Put your money where your mouth is, renounce your EU passport and wait for your Blue Passport !!!

  13. An anti-Brexit party called the ''Democrats'', wow. It reminds me of the people who censor speech, try to control language and socially persecute everyone who doesn't agree with their extreme views, sometimes by getting them fired, all whilst calling themselves ''Liberals''. There's just no end to the hypocrisy. We are living in upside-down world. This is why they want to control language though, right? It's so that they can be monsters whilst thinking themselves noble and just. It doesn't matter how evil you are if you think of yourself as warm cuddly words like ''Progressive'' and ''Liberal'' or ''Democrat'' whilst calling everybody else Nazis or Racists or…. You get the idea.
    In short, these people aren't democratic, and they know it.

  14. Great video and well bloody said mate. The "Democrats" wanting to overturn the biggest democratic vote this country has ever made. Unbelievable. Democracy is the biggest enemy of the EU and all these bitter elites & remainers that want the EU to rule over us. Says everything.

  15. The financial crisis was because of the Euro???? You obviously mix something up. The subprime crisis was caused by an American real estate bubble. Ireland was much better off within the Euro than for example Iceland.

  16. why do you have so a lot of hate? instead of live together in peace, you wanna fail of EU, you hate a Europeans, Germans, Polish, Belgium. You just even dnt understand how sophisticated modern political world, all problems in you self.

  17. I disagree with your premise, Politics.

    Nationalism within Europe and a divided Europe caused famine, disease, war, poverty genocide and holocaust. The freedom to walk at night in modern cities in Ireland and Norway and enjoy free movement between these places enjoying liberty and comforts beyond the imagined is because unionism has brought peace and prosperity to Europe for over 70 years. We move away from this partnership at our peril – the narrative of intolerance and supremacy is already returning to these shores under the "respectable" banner of Brexit. It needs to be resisted…