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If you’re one of the few to reside in a market where both Google’s Nexus 5 and Motorola’s Moto X occupy store shelves, consider yourself lucky: you’ve got access to two of the best Android smartphones the world has ever known. But as always, there’s a dark side to that kind of luck. Because if you’re in the market for a new smartphone, you’re stuck with a pretty tough choice between these two capable rivals. In a world where “Nexus” doesn’t mean what it once did, Motorola calls itself “a Google company,” and phones with top-tier processors go for $349 off-contract, how can you trust yourself to make the right choice? Boy howdy, it’s rough out there for would-be phone buyers.

Fortunately, Pocketnow is here to help you out. If location, circumstance, or the persuasive power of the purse hasn’t made the decision for you already, we have some thoughts on which of these devices may be the better fit for you. Similar in some ways and decidedly disparate in others, these top offerings from LG and Motorola are already finding homes in pockets the world over – the only question is, which one do you want in your pocket now? (Hawwww.)

Enough tomfoolery: hop on down to our latest comparison, Nexus 5 vs Moto X, to soak in the wisdom. Then stay tuned for further Nexus 5 comparisons, landing almost every day this week in the run up to our full review! If you’re reading this before 11:59pm ET on November 5, 2013, head on over to enter Pocketnow’s Nexus 5 giveaway. And finally, if you’re not exhausted and smartphone-d out, round out your evening with a heaping helping of Moto X review, crafted with you especially in mind.

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Nexus 5 vs Moto X | Pocketnow


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  1. My brother is going to buy a nexus 5 over a moto x, because he found a benchmark saying the nexus 5 is faster………. sigh

    The nexus appears to be way faster in benchmarks because it has a compact 4-core chip. So it will crush benchmarks, also it will be superior when doing heavy gaming. The moto x has a chip with 8 more unique cores that interact way less. When you're really pushing its limits it wont work as well. But in day to day use it will be faster and snappier. Aps will open faster, pages will load faster etc.

  2. You seem to be giving off the impression, that you favor the Moto X for monetary reasons, I might be wrong but that's the impression that is being given off in this video, and how can 5inch phone be too big, and then in 1 comment, some one says that the Moto X is bigger, I think some people are confused, and being unfair

  3. hello there! I'm planning to buy nexus 5 this week and pretty much confused……….. can u pls pls help me with the decision of should i go with the nexus 5 or the moto x….. i;m looking for a full on gaming experience and lots of third party apps. Would also like to know if nexus can be customised as compared to moto g??? pls help

  4. Regretted I did not see this video before purchasing the Nexus 5… it's an awesome device, it really is and I love it. But one thing just keeps disappointing me is the battery life. Battery life is absolutely terrible. I have to charge the phone twice in a day. 4 hours of screen on time at most. Well, I'll be waiting for the Moto X+1 and/or the Nexus 6 then.

  5. I'm a little confused. I've just learn there's a Samsung nexus? Can someone please tele if I'm correct. Google owns the brand name nexus but doesn't build the phone. This is where LG,Asus and Samsung come in right. Is there any other company that builds the nexus? I'm confused with this nexus thing please help! My contract is up and I'm thinking of getting this nexus, experia z1-z2, galaxy s5, or the htc m8. I thank you advance.

  6. Too me, between these two phones, it comes down to which one has the better battery life and the Moto X has superb battery life but you can't go wrong with the Nexus 5 also since its only $350 off contract.

  7. If I was in the US I would go for the moto x also for the nice customization like your phone color but where I live that's not an option so did go for the nexus 5.

  8. Mostly people users will be using a pair of earphones to listen to music or other audios so it hardly matters how the sound quality of the external speaker is. But on the other hand, that bluish Moto X looked really sexy!

  9. +Borovez The video and reviewer seemed to think the features on moto X was really important, which is all up to the users mind.

    But really "who uses the speakers anyway?" The simple answer is everyone. Anyone who uses notification alerts, watches video, listen to music without external speakers or headphones, video gamers, etc.

  10. n5 display and moto x display arent even in the same category.. n5 is NOT washed out, its well calibrated, acurate and natural. of course it appears to be washed out when you compare it to something like cartoonish sureal amoled.