Nigel Farage speaking in the EU Parliament, it gets heated!


Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Lets go. We don't need this bollocks. The only people getting richer are the politicians and lawyers. Fuck em. Lets leave the EU and maybe one day soon they will see sense.

  2. Great man….great gifted speaker….but the greatest of Farage is his analitic superbrain.
    His true love and total compassion for Britain and its Britains must be without limits.
    Time to backup this man unconditionally…..he deserves all the thrust he deserves…

  3. Voting conservative just this once. But, when we're out of little eu it's back to UKIP or any new party Sir Nigel Farage is in.
    Hang in there Sir Nigel, 'we need you' and when the time comes we will vote for you.

  4. UKRAP's wipe out continues and there is no sign of the forecasted NeuRight spring ( SpringTime For Hitler Mk2 ), as LePen is beaten 2-1 by a Liberal in France, Wilders is easily beaten by Liberals with more Liberals in coalition in Netherlands, a Green beats an AltRight for Austrian President, Liberals run Canada, Liberals just won in S.Korea, Reformists easily win in Iraq and even in USA, Liberal "Clinton" won 3 million more votes than the Trump, who may yet be impeached.

  5. Go nigel, why can't more politicians be like him, he really rips them a new one, he tells the truth and they fucking hate that, they have found a new arse licker in the EU loving macron, it might not have gone quite to plan in the Italian /French /Austrian elections but people are waking up, and i think the next election in these countries will be very different when they realise that there being fucked over from Germany /Brussels, they are on borrowed time.

  6. True. EU's aids to the Philippines all goes to their corrupt pawns in the Philippines known as the yellow liberal parties. They are aid with conditions to be involve in the country's domestic affairs. Philippines wouldn't have that.

  7. This could have been a calm and peaceful departure. But when you theaten and demand from the British. you have now pulled the tail of the British Bulldog. what a big mistake. We will now leave. Not only no longer close friends but you will also get not one single penny. Thats British coinage. for people who dont understand. Good going Nigel. Ta Ta Eu. Thats Also goodbye and good riddens EU.

  8. Hard to fault what NF states, if you have a rational mind, Junker is rude by any western/ eastern standards, abuse your host that feeds you and uses dirty tactics, to sell stories as if loose pillow talk. Would be interesting to know how much he claims for said poor meal, as EU dont do accounts.

  9. SHUT UP FARAGE!!!! Before the EU we were the 'sick man of europe'. All Brits were subjects of the Queen. Now we are citizens in our own right. We have a tremendous exciting future with the EU. I hope the British public wakes up in time. Farage and his party are yesterday's men. Farage should be ejected from the EU. He has the morality and manners of his friend Trump. Kick him out…..