Nigel Farage tells the EU parliament they are behaving like the MAFIA, and they don’t like it….

Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. EU'S way more dangerous than People understand , EU is way more dangerous than the mafia , and when WW3 comes it will most likely be because of the EU …. NOT UK ,NOT TRUMP , NOT PUTINS BUT BECAUSE OF THE EU …. IF YOU CAN GET OT NOW.

  2. The mafia would act just like the eu just did there too, in silencing anyone who disagrees with their behaviour.

    It's like telling someone you owe them money for joining their initially free for all friendly club, only to find that actually they own you. When you speak up to defend yourself from this ridiculous eu mafia, they shut you down expressing you're rude????? Whaaaaaaat!?!?!?!?!? Bloody eu fascists…. Thankyou Nigel for saying what everyone is thinking. xx can't wait to see the end of eu, and Europe free from this disease again. Just imagine going back to normal life, choosing your own trade deals, and not being punished for bowing down to the appointed mafia commission.

  3. england is free to go , and we in slovenia are happy – we dont need england at all, they are american puppets, thinking they are important, but they are not
    by england , we are so happy that we have nothing to do with you any more